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Want To Buy Summit vxl for google nexus 7 32gb

Summit vxl for google nexus 7 32gb

Quantity: 1

New or Used: Item is used but excellent condition.

Trades: I am interested in possible trades.

Asking Price: $1

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I'm looking to get back into rc after awhile off Looking to trade my three week old google nexus 7 32gb tablet for a summit vxl rtr with batt/s and charger..Tablet has a leather case/stand box all you'd get new and receipt. Truck must be in good condition and rtr with batts/cahrger.. London only please not looking to ship or travel out of town..

PM if interested

London RC Classified Quick Rules

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- One bump / TTT every 3 days.
- Classified rules here. Site rules here
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launching In April With S Pen [Rumor]

The?Samsung Galaxy S4?is expected to arrive in?April?where it willlaunch?with?S Pen?functionality, according to a new batch of rumors.

Additionally, whispers are that the new Samsung Android flagship will run on Jelly Bean and be powered by a quad-core Exynos 5440 chip manufactured using 28nm high-K metal gate technology. It is also possible that it will use ARM big.LITTLE architecture with an energy-efficient A7 processor for basic tasks paired with A15 for more intense loads.

South Korean website?Enuri?reported that Samsung was busy with efforts to introduce Galaxy S4 with the release date planned for April, 2013. The report suggested that the company wanted to bring Galaxy S4 in the same line as its Note series with features like the S Pen and a massive 5-inch AMOLED display with Full HD 1080?1920 resolution (441 ppi).

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Android Robot That You Can Download and make!



Download, print out and make your own Android robot. This poseable robot is available for everyone to download for free.

The Android robot is the logo of Google?s Android mobile device operating system.

This Android robot is modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Read more.

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GOP governors waver on Obamacare

Republican governors like Rick Scott in Florida, and Chris Christie in New Jersey, are struggling on how to handle President Barack Obama's remake of the health insurance market. While some have said they won't set up state-run exchanges, others say they're open to having a 'conversation.'

By Bill Barrow,?Associated Press / December 30, 2012

Florida Gov. Rick Scott speaks in Fort Lauderdale in May. Scott, long opposed President Barack Obama's remake of the health insurance market. After President Obama won re-election, the Republican governor softened his tone. He said he wanted to "have a conversation" with the administration about implementing the 2010 law.

J. Pat Carter/AP/File


Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who made a fortune as a health care executive, long opposed President Barack Obama's remake of the health insurance market. After the Democratic president won re-election, the Republican governor softened his tone. He said he wanted to "have a conversation" with the administration about implementing the 2010 law. With a federal deadline approaching, he also said while Florida won't set up the exchange for individuals to buy private insurance policies, the feds can do it.

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In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie held his cards before saying he won't set up his own exchange, but he's avoided absolute language and says he could change his mind. He's also leaving his options open to accept federal money to expand Medicaid insurance for people who aren't covered. The caveat, Christie says, is whether Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius can "answer my questions" about its operations and expense.

Both Republican governors face re-election in states that Obama won twice, Christie in 2013 and Scott in 2014. And both will encounter well-financed Democrats.

Their apparent struggles on the issue, along with other postures by their GOP colleagues elsewhere, suggest political uncertainty for Republicans as the Affordable Care Act starts to go into effect two years after clearing Congress without a single Republican vote. The risks also are acute for governors in Democratic-leaning or swing-voting states or who know their records will be parsed should they seek the presidency in 2016 or beyond.

"It's a tough call for many Republican governors who want to do the best thing for their state but don't want to be seen as advancing an overhaul that many Republicans continue to detest," said Whit Ayers, a consultant in Virginia whose clients include Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee, a Republican who didn't announce his rejection of a state exchange until days before Sebelius's Dec. 14 deadline.

Indeed, cracks keep growing in the near-unanimous Republican rejection of Obama's health care law that characterized the GOP's political messaging for the last two years. Five GOP-led states ? Idaho, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah ? are pressing ahead with state insurance exchanges. Ongoing monitoring by The Associated Press shows that another five Republican-led states are pursuing or seriously a partnership with Washington to help run the new markets.

Democrats, meanwhile, hope to use the law and Republican inflexibility to their advantage, betting that more Americans will embrace the law once it expands coverage. The calculus for voters, Democrats assume, will become more about the policy and less about a polarizing president.

"It shouldn't be complicated at all," said John Anzalone, an Obama pollster who assists Democrats in federal races across the country. Anzalone said Republicans could use their own states-rights argument to justify running exchanges. Instead, he said, "They are blinded by Obama-hatred rather than seeing what's good for their citizens."

Governors can set up their own exchanges, partner with Sebelius' agency or let the federal government do it. The exchanges are set to open Jan. 1, 2014, allowing individuals and businesses to shop online for individual policies from private insurers. Low- and middle-income individuals will get federal premium subsidies calculated on a sliding income scale. Nineteen states plus Washington, DC, most led by Democrats, have committed to opening their own exchanges.

The law also calls for raising the income threshold for Medicaid eligibility to cover people making up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line, or about $15,400 a year for an individual. That could add more than 10 million people, most of them childless adults, to the joint state-federal insurance program for low-income and disabled Americans. Together, the exchanges and the Medicaid expansion are expected to reduce the number of uninsured by about 30 million people within the next decade.

A Supreme Court ruling last summer made the Medicaid expansion voluntary, rather than mandatory for states. At least eight governors, all of them Republicans, have already said they have no plans to expand Medicaid.

The complexity is obvious.

National exit polls from last month's election showed that 49 percent of voters wanted some or all of Obama's signature legislative achievement rolled back. Among self-identified independents, that number was 58 percent. Among Republicans, it spiked to 81 percent. When asked about the role of government, half of respondents said the notion that government is doing too much fits their views more closely than the idea that government should do more.

Before the election, a national AP-GfK poll suggested that 63 percent of respondents preferred their states to run insurance exchanges, almost double the 32 percent who wanted the federal government to take that role. And the same electorate that tilts toward repealing some or all of the new law clearly re-elected its champion.

That's not the most important consideration for governors who face re-election in Republican states. Georgia's Nathan Deal and Alabama's Robert Bentley, who also face 2014 campaigns, initially set up advisory commissions to consider how to carry out the health care law, but they've since jumped ship. But, unlike others, Deal and Bentley aren't eyeing national office.

Three Republicans who are viewed as potential national candidates ? Rick Perry of Texas, Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana ? were full-throated opponents. Jindal, the only one of the three who is term-limited, is the incoming chairman of the Republican Governors Association. In that role, he has co-signed more conciliatory letters to Sebelius asking questions to flesh out how the designs might work.

Republican governors also are feeling quiet pressure from hospitals and other providers.

Deal, the Georgia governor, offers the typical argument for saying no: "We can't afford it." But the law envisions the new Medicaid coverage more or less as a replacement of an existing financing situation that pays hospitals to treat the uninsured. The law contemplates cuts in that program, which already requires state seed money. The idea was that expanding Medicaid coverage would reduce "uncompensated care" costs.

"Some of those cuts were made with the expectation that Medicaid would be expanded and that hospitals would be paid for portions of business that we are not being paid for now," said Don Dalton of the North Carolina Hospital Association.

Dalton's Governor-elect, Republican Pat McCrory, said as a candidate that he opposed Medicaid expansion. Dalton said his industry is leaning on McCrory and legislative leaders, though he commended "their deliberate approach." Similar efforts are underway in South Carolina, Georgia, Missouri and elsewhere.

For Democrats, Anzalone said the framing will be simpler: "You don't want to take a 9-to-1 match? That's a pretty easy investment. These governors who aren't expanding Medicaid, they're basically giving taxpayer money to the states that do."


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Last-minute fiscal cliff talks in Senate

President Barack Obama arrives to make a statement on the fiscal cliff negotiations with congressional leaders in the briefing room of the White House on Friday, Dec. 28, 2012, in Washington. The negotiations are a last ditch effort to avoid across-the-board first of the year tax increases and deep spending cuts. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

President Barack Obama arrives to make a statement on the fiscal cliff negotiations with congressional leaders in the briefing room of the White House on Friday, Dec. 28, 2012, in Washington. The negotiations are a last ditch effort to avoid across-the-board first of the year tax increases and deep spending cuts. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

President Barack Obama pauses during a statement on the fiscal cliff negotiations with congressional leaders in the briefing room of the White House on Friday, Dec. 28, 2012 in Washington. The negotiations are a last ditch effort to avoid across-the-board first of the year tax increases and deep spending cuts. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. leaves the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 28, 2012, after a closed-door meeting between President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders to negotiate the framework for a deal on the fiscal cliff. The end game at hand, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders made a final stab at compromise Friday to prevent a toxic blend of middle-class tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect at the turn of the new year. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nev. leaves the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 28, 2012, after a closed-door meeting between President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders to negotiate the framework for a deal on the fiscal cliff. The end game at hand, President Barack Obama and congressional leaders made a final stab at compromise Friday to prevent a toxic blend of middle-class tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect at the turn of the new year. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., right, accompanied by the committee's ranking Republican, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gestures during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Dec. 28, 2012, to discuss changes in Senate procedural rules. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

(AP) ? Senate leaders groped for a last-minute compromise Saturday to avoid middle-class tax increases and possibly prevent deep spending cuts at the dawn of the new year as President Barack Obama warned that failure could mean a "self-inflicted wound to the economy."

Obama chastised lawmakers in his weekly radio and Internet address for waiting until the last minute to try and avoid a "fiscal cliff," yet said there was still time for an agreement. "We cannot let Washington politics get in the way of America's progress," he said as the hurry-up negotiations unfolded.

Senate Republicans said they were ready to compromise. "Divided government is a good time to solve hard problems_and in the next few days, leaders in Washington have an important responsibility to work together and do just that," said Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri, delivering his party's weekly address.

Even so, there was no guarantee of success.

In a blunt challenge to Republicans, Obama said that barring a bipartisan agreement, he expected both houses to vote on his own proposal to block tax increases on all but the wealthy and simultaneously preserve expiring unemployment benefits.

Political calculations mattered as much as deep-seated differences over the issues, as divided government struggled with its first big challenge since the November elections.

Speaker John Boehner remained at arms-length, juggling a desire to avoid the fiscal cliff with his goal of winning another new term as speaker when a new Congress convenes next Thursday. Any compromise legislation is certain to include higher tax rates on the wealthy, and the House GOP rank and file rejected the idea when Boehner presented it as part of a final attempt to strike a more sweeping agreement with Obama.

Yet lawmakers have until the new Congress convenes to pass any compromise, and even the calendar mattered. Democrats said they had been told House Republicans might reject a deal until after Jan. 1, to avoid a vote to raise taxes before they had technically gone up and then vote to cut taxes after they had risen.

Nor was any taxpayer likely to feel any adverse impact if legislation is signed and passed into law in the first two or three days of 2013 instead of the final hours of 2012.

Gone was the talk of a grand bargain of spending cuts and additional tax revenue in which the two parties would agree to slash deficits by trillions of dollars over a decade.

Now negotiators had a more cramped goal of preventing additional damage to the economy in the form of higher taxes across the board ? with some families facing increases measured in the thousands of dollars ? as well as cuts aimed at the Pentagon and hundreds of domestic programs.

Republicans said they were willing to bow to Obama's call for higher taxes on the wealthy as part of a deal to prevent them from rising on those less well-off.

Democrats said Obama was sticking to his campaign call for tax increases above $250,000 in annual income, even though he said in recent negotiations he said he could accept $400,000.

There were indications from Republicans that estate taxes might hold more significance for them than the possibility of higher rates on income.

One senior Republican, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, said late Friday he was "totally dead set" against Obama's estate tax proposal, and as if to reinforce the point, Blunt mentioned the issue before any other in his broadcast remarks. "Small businesses and farm families don't know how to deal with the unfair death tax_a tax that the president and congressional leaders have threatened to expand to include even more family farms and even more small businesses," he said.

Officials said any compromise was likely to ease the impact of the alternative minimum tax, originally designed to make sure that millionaires did not escape taxation. If left unchanged, it could hit an estimated 28 million households for the first time in 2013, with an average increase of more than $3,000.

Taxes on dividends and capital gains are also involved in the talks, as well as a series of breaks for businesses and others due to expire at the first of the year.

Obama and congressional Democrats are insisting on an extension of long-term unemployment benefits that are expiring for about 2 million jobless individuals.

Leaders in both parties also hope to prevent a 27 percent fee cut from taking effect on Jan. 1 for doctors who treat Medicare patients.

There was also discussion of a short-term extension of expiring farm programs, in part to prevent a spike in milk prices at the first of the year. It wasn't clear if that was a parallel effort to the cliff talks or had become wrapped into them.

Across-the-board spending cuts that comprise part of the cliff were a different matter.

Republicans say Boehner will insist that they will begin to take effect unless negotiators agreed to offset them with specified savings elsewhere.

That would set the stage for the next round of brinkmanship ? a struggle over Republican calls for savings from Medicare, Medicaid and other federal benefit programs.

The Treasury's ability to borrow is expected to expire in late winter or early spring, and without an increase in the $16.4 trillion limit, the government would face its first-ever default. Republicans have said they will use administration requests for an extension as leverage to win cuts in spending.

Ironically, it was just such a maneuver more than a year ago that set the stage for the current crisis talks over the fiscal cliff.

Associated Press


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

White House talks don't include NRA: gun group president

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An effort led by Vice President Joe Biden to find ways to reduce gun violence after the Connecticut school massacre so far has not included talking to the National Rifle Association, the president of the gun rights group said on Friday.

NRA President David Keene said neither Biden nor his staff has contacted the organization since President Barack Obama unveiled the effort on December 19.

Keene said he was not surprised, given Biden's past support for new gun control laws. "He's not even a friendly antagonist," Keene told Reuters in an interview.

The lack of communication between the White House and the largest U.S. lobbying group for gun owners is a sign that the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, has so far failed to change long-held stances on gun politics. In that tragedy, a young man shot his mother with her own gun before killing 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Biden and up to four Cabinet officers are holding a series of meetings with outside groups to discuss possible gun legislation. The first was with law enforcement officials, another with mayors.

The White House has said other meetings will take place with gun safety groups and gun owners, among others, but it has not said whether the NRA will be invited. The White House had no comment on Friday.

Asked about the organization's influence, Obama struck an optimistic note on Dec 19. "The NRA is an organization that has members who are mothers and fathers," he said. "I would expect that they've been impacted by this as well, and hopefully, they'll do some self-reflection."

Two days later, NRA executive Wayne LaPierre said at a press conference that new gun laws were not the answer, calling instead for some form of armed guards in every school.

Keene told Reuters: "I'm willing to talk to anybody. I'm willing to sit down with anybody up there." He added, though, that he would not agree to "gut" gun rights.

"I'm going to want to have a conversation about how we protect our children," he said. "That's a serious conversation. Offering sort of feel-good bills doesn't strike me as serious."

Biden's group is due to offer its recommendations in January.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll on Thursday found that support remains high for preserving specific gun ownership privileges, such as concealed-weapon permits, as well as for some restrictions, such as background checks for every purchase.

(Additional reporting by Roberta Rampton; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Gunna Dickson)


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Cam Newton Fined For Bumping Referee: Report

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) ? A person familiar with the penalty says the NFL has fined Panthers quarterback Cam Newton $21,000 for abusive conduct toward a game official.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday on condition of anonymity because the league hasn't announced the fine.

Newton shouted at and bumped referee Jerome Boger in the fourth quarter of Carolina's penalty-plagued 17-6 victory over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Newton apologized after the game, saying "the words that I said during the game were very disrespectful and I apologized to (Boger) during the game, but I'm going public and apologizing again. It was something in the heat of the moment."

Boger said he didn't feel the bump was enough to warrant an ejection because it "wasn't of a malicious nature."

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Friday, December 28, 2012

CDC conference examines health for disabled Americans | Public ...

?Those disabled people, they?re not somebody else.?

CDC Public Health Grand Rounds

Public health leaders, including APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, discussed health equity for disabled Americans at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?s Public Health Grand Rounds last week in Atlanta. Photo by CDC

The words from APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin identified a continuing public health problem ? health equity for Americans living with disabilities ? at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?s Public Health Grand Rounds last week in Atlanta.

Defining the word ?disability? shaped much of the dialogue, along with making ?prevention of disability a core issue of medical care,? in the words of CDC Director Tom Frieden.

?Take the stigma out,? Benjamin said. ?As I get older, it?s clear to me every morning when I get up a little stiffer than I did the day before, it?s clear someday I will have more challenges. Everyone should be able to see themselves in this place?.It?s not somebody else?s problem, it?s our problem.?

Obesity, smoking and trouble accessing health care disproportionately affect disabled Americans, according to CDC data. Additionally:

  • one in six American adults live with a disability;
  • people with disabilities are 2.5 times more likely to have unmet health care needs than their non-disabled peers; and
  • $400 billion per year is spent on disability-related health expenditures.

Benjamin and Frieden called for an emphasis on preventive care for the disabled, including mammograms, colonoscopies, flu shots and exercise.

?How do you define and measure health life?? Frieden asked. ?How do you measure disability? One of the researchers commented that, ?People are changing in their expectations.? People expect to be running a marathon at 65. I was recently in Japan for a public health event and my colleagues described going skiing and on the mountains, and most people there were over 65. They have a tremendous culture of fitness and staying fit. This is something that?s not easy to change, but it?s important.?


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Book Review : BOOK REVIEW: Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks

Review by Allison Bohac

By Oliver Sacks

Web edition: December 27, 2012
Print edition: January 12, 2013; Vol.183 #1 (p. 30)

Just before a migraine, New York Times blogger Siri Hustvedt had an amiable encounter with a tiny pink man and an equally tiny pink ox. The odd pair wandered around her bedroom a bit before vanishing. ?I have often wished they would return,? she writes, ?but they never have.?

Hustvedt?s story is just one of the case studies that Sacks, a neurologist, recounts in this charmingly bizarre compilation of strange sensory experiences. Hallucinations tend to be viewed as a sign of an unsound mind (SN: 4/7/12, p. 22). Far more often, Sacks contends, the causes are mundane: migraine auras, fevers, injuries, grief, drugs ? prescription and otherwise ? and even falling asleep or waking up. Seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling things that aren?t there, he says, is a normal part of the human condition.

Sacks uses first person accounts to explore how the brain builds perception from sensory information, and what can happen when that process breaks down. In one tale, an exhausted cyclist mistakes a motor home for a UFO during a long-distance race. In another, a microbiologist infected with the nerve-damaging herpes simplex virus catches the phantom whiff of a fishy odor for an entire year. A musician taking medication for Parkinson?s disease attempts to play musical scores on his piano before hallucinatory notes skitter off the page.

Sacks? writing can be on the dry side, but this works to his advantage here. When the human brain can conjure miniature pink oxen out of thin air, a little clinical language helps keep things grounded in reality.?

Alfred A. Knopf, 2012, 326 p., $26.95


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Small Business SEO Basics For Hot Shot Business | Canterbury ... SEO basics that will skyrocket your small business page ranking in Google and put you in the hot spot of business! 3 basic but crucial elements to a successful online business. Page 1 of Google is red hot and one of the only pages that makes money! SEO is the only way to get there without paying through the nose for advertising! Learn the basics now and you?ll be light years ahead of the game! Becoming a hot shot at SEO will help to promote your online business and put dollars in your pocket book! Today?s advertising market has changed, people are tired of ads being shoved in their face and the way to catch their eye is with organic search results, SEO! It?s that simple, SEO is the best way to connect with future clients. Learn the SEO secrets of the Pro and grow your small business to big heights. Learn how to SEO every page, video, article, blog or post of your website or advertising campaign! These days with advertising prices going through the roof expect marketers are looking for a new approach to making money online. Learning how to setup your online business with top tier SEO (search engine optimization) can rake in a huge pile of cash. Less is more today, SEO is a very effective and efficient tool to boost your businesses ROI while maintaining a steady budget. What?s hot about SEO is that?s it?s a one-time investment (if done right) in the future of your business. Do it right once and your online business will benefit for years to come on one single page or ?


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Seattle's Richard Sherman wins suspension appeal

RENTON, Wash. (AP) ? Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman won his appeal of a four-game suspension for use of performance enhancing substances on Thursday, making him eligible for the NFL playoffs.

Sherman posted "I won," on his Twitter account Thursday morning, followed by teammates tweeting their congratulations. Sherman added, "Thank you (at)nfl for upholding the truth! To the 12s Thank you your faith is rewarded! Thank you lord."

The decision was made by former NFL executive Bob Wallace.

Sherman was steadfast since news broke of his pending suspension that he believed he would win on appeal. Sherman's appeal was based on errors in the chain of custody of his sample and that there were mistakes made by the tester.

Sherman made his appeal late last week.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in an email the league is reviewing the decision, but was declining comment due to confidentiality provisions.

The decision makes Sherman eligible for the Seahawks season finale against St. Louis and, more importantly, the playoffs. Seattle has played the last three weeks without fellow starting cornerback Brandon Browner who is serving a four-game suspension for a banned substance violation.

Browner's suspension expires after Sunday's game against the Rams, so Seattle will have both of its starting cornerbacks available for the postseason.

"Congrats to Richard Sherman for winning his appeal! Happy for him & it'll be great to have him with us as we move forward," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll tweeted Thursday morning.

According to STATS, Sherman is tied with Pittsburgh's Keenan Lewis for the NFL lead with 23 passes defensed. He is tied for second in interceptions with seven.

Sherman was a surprise omission from the Pro Bowl roster announced Wednesday. Despite his impressive numbers, Sherman was a first alternate at cornerback for the NFC, behind the Chicago duo of Tim Jennings and Charles Tillman, and Arizona's Patrick Peterson.

Even before the Pro Bowl rosters were announced, Sherman didn't seem to care about getting a trip to Hawaii.

"It don't mean nothing," Sherman said Wednesday. "I bet you I'll be on the first-team All-Pro. That means more to me."


Online: and


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Presentations and Public Speaking: The Secrets of Speech Writing

Eye Contact
Using natural, direct eye contact helps your audience feel connected to you.
Gestures can help you paint pictures with words, but make sure they don't get in the way, and they are natural.
Be enthusiastic. If you don't care, why should your audience? Your enthusiasm builds your audience's enthusiasm.
Articulate your words clearly so the members of your audience will understand you.
Breathing helps you control nervousness. It also gives you time to gather your thoughts. Remember that a pause can be used to
provide emphasis.
Correct posture conveys confidence.
The tone of your voice can create or change a mood.
Dress for success. Be neat and professional. Don't wear loud
accessories that will distract members of the audience.
Use proper language and be careful not to use non-words and fillers such as "um" and "uh" too often.
A smile will not only make you look and feel better, but also make your audience more receptive.


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Google+ Mobile App (for iPhone)

If I chose which social networks I used based on the mobile app experience alone, I'd be all over Google+. And indeed, since rediscovering the app in its latest release, I have been much more active, with the help of my trusty iPhone. Posting updates, sharing links to interesting content, and browsing the wild array of stuff that other people post, including animated GIFs which now display in action (they didn't before), becomes an activity all its own. The layer of technology between social media user and community has become almost invisible, in the Google+ Mobile App for iPhone. And that is how the app should be.

The major hurdle for Google+ to overcome is the community itself, which continues to attract technology enthusiasts and writers, business brands, and few others. Not that I have a problem with those particular subcultures?but where's the diversity? Facebook is chock full of friends, ex-lovers, family members, and even the building supervisor at my co-op (friend request pending). Twitter has brought me closer to food and wine bloggers from Australia and Canada, neo-feminists, educators, and other people in communities that attract my attention. Even LinkedIn connects me to business acquaintances, former co-workers, and other professional friends with whom I no doubt would have lost contact had the online network not been in place. I'm just not sure with whom I'm supposed to be connecting on Google+.

Feats of Strength
I liked the previous version of the Google+ iPhone app, finding it easy to praise its clean, tight design. Every inch of the screen space is put to good use. If you've ever felt that Google was too sparse with its designs on the Web, you might see Google+ as a revelation in Google UI. The app remains easy to navigate without too many menus and unnecessary words cluttering the screen, but enough options to give you something to do and explore.

Google+ Mobile App for iPhone follows a few recently defined standards. A menu pane slides in from the left when toggled and collapses out of view just as quickly when closed. You can pull-and-release the screen to refresh it nearly anywhere in the app. The main screen shows your feed of content, with tight summaries of comments and "plusses" (similar to "likes") appearing at the bottom.

My very favorite aspect of the app?I kid you not?is that animated gifs show up as animations right in the main feed. It may sound silly, but one of the few entertaining people I follow on Google+ posts animated gifs voraciously. In a previous version of the app, these images would show up as static pictures, no motion, no surprise, no way for me to know what made that content great. I felt left out of the conversation when others commented on the gif. A social network simply does not work effectively if some members of the community feel left out purely because of the device through which they participate. I couldn't be more pleased to see this problem corrected.

Another more subtle effect appears on shared photos, which ever so slowly zoom out when you view the image in your news feed. The attention to detail is terrific here, although it's less enthralling when I actually started posting photos of my own. I wanted to share an image and save it to my "profile" album, but not make it my active profile photo. I never figured out how to do it right. I also feel some lasting perplexity regarding the images that are in my Google+ account and have been there, automatically, from the time I enrolled in the service (more below in the Photos section).

From the main feed page, you can scroll through content or use icons at the bottom to post a photo, location, link, or typed text post. Choose any of these, and you won't be limited to just that content. For example, if you add your location, you can also upload a photo and write something to go with it.

What's in the Google+ Arena?
Besides the typical ways of interacting with any social network, Google+ puts forth a few uniquely named additions, like Hangout and Communities.

When the social network and app first landed?and let's be clear that both arrived extraordinarily late in the game?many features and functions weren't clear. The Web app had video chat "Hangouts," but in the mobile app, here were only "Huddles," or group instant messaging. Deciding how to interact with your friends (or whomever you happened to find on Google+) wasn't straightforward, as you'd have to pick the right mode of interaction based on whether your friends were in front of a computer or a mobile device.

Many of these points of confusion are now long gone. Google has done a rather remarkable job of cleaning up the app to better reflect how people actually want to socialize. There's now a Messenger feature--clear by its name alone--as well as a Hangout feature, which now has a video camera in its icon to more explicitly convey its use. "Circles" has been renamed "Find People," and other minor tweaks just help to make the app work better rather than create distractions.

The Photos section in Google+ contains more than you might think. Photos are sectioned off into four groups: Instant upload, Photos from posts, Profile photos, images from any Google Blogger blogs you might have, and albums from previous Google image hosting services (like Picasa). Despite the fact that use Facebook much more often than Google+, the latter photo section blows the former's out of the water. My history with Google is much richer, but previously, I had more control over the visibility of those images. When they popped up on Google+, I was at first taken aback. Over time, though, I've come to realize that the pieces were always publicly available for anyone online to connect. Google connected those dots for them when Google+ launched. I'm still not pleased that my photos all came together in one place in one instant (I would have preferred the ability to approve albums to show up on Google+), but I'm more or less over it by now.

As you browse albums, the mobile app displays a grid of thumbnail images, making it easy to view them. If people have commented on an image, the number of comments appears in the thumbnail.

Managing Friends, Following Strangers
The ease with which you can manage friends into "circles" (or groups that you can use to have more control over who sees what you share) from a smartphone is shockingly advanced. Google has laid out the app in such a way that you can scroll through a long list of possible connections?some of whom you'll know, and some complete strangers (? la Twitter's suggestions for whom to follow)?and add them to existing Circles or new ones that you can create on the spot.

What I love about Circles is how they let you filter your stream instantly. Twitter lets you do this with lists, which I use and also adore. In Facebook, you can hide individuals so that they never appear in your stream, but you can't customize the stream to let you see only updates from selected people. (Well, Facebook does that for you to an extent, which I find rather unnerving. Let me choose the updates I want to see. Don't pick them for me based on my history of interaction and content posted!) And, yes, you can follow people on Facebook, but the functionality is still quite different from Google+ or Twitter.

Mobile and Social
As of the latest release, the Google+ Mobile App now has a permanent place on my iPhone's first homescreen for easy access.

The app itself works very well, and certainly much better than before, as the technology has receded into near invisibility. Unlike other Google products, which are often accused of being too Spartan, the mobile app aims for, and succeeds with, spatial balance. Now, if only my friends and business acquaintances and bloggers I like would use Google+...

More iPhone App Reviews:
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??? Google Maps (for iPhone)
??? Yahoo! Mail (for iPhone)
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?? more


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Instapundit ? Blog Archive ? LEGAL EDUCATION UPDATE ...

LEGAL EDUCATION UPDATE: Subjecting Law School Officials to Professional Discipline for Deceitful Marketing to Prospective Students. ?Law schools have misled prospective students for years about the value of legal education. In some cases, law school officials have engaged in outright deceit, knowingly spreading false information about their schools. More commonly, they have presented statistics?especially those concerning the employment outcomes of law graduates?in ways nearly guaranteed to confuse readers. These deceptions and sharp practices violate the norms of the legal profession, a profession that scrupulously regulates the advertising of legal services. The deceptions also violate ethical rules prohibiting lawyers from engaging in dishonesty, misrepresentation, and deceit.?


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jessicasmith254: Does Every Consultant Need To Write a Book ...

Marketing podcast with Guy Kawasaki

I asked the question contained in the title of this post in a community I moderate on Google+ (Consultant Exchange- join us if you are a coach or consultant)

Somewhat predictably answers fell into two camps ? those with a book said yes it was very helpful and meaningful to their business. Those without a book said no they didn?t think it was necessary and that a well written blog might be more important.

In my business having a book (and now three) made a significant difference in terms of creating more speaking, branding and consulting opportunities. Now, a key measure in the equation is that these books are well regarded and sold well enough to stand on their own ? but there?s no question my books have led to a bigger brand for Duct Tape Marketing.

I posed the same question to my friend Guy Kawasaki and his take was a little more reserved ? ?Writing a book to open other opportunities is the wrong reason to write a book. You should write a book because you have something to say or are passionate about promoting a cause or idea.?

Kawasaki has written twelve books, including the just released APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur ? How to Publish a Book. Kawasaki wrote the book to reveal everything he?s learned along the way as an author and entrepreneur with the added lessons gained from publishing his last two books without the aid of the traditional publishing machine.

APE is meant to introduce the concept of ?artisinal publishing? as a powerful avenue for anyone wishing to get their message heard in the form of a book much like an artist practicing and promoting their craft might do.

As someone that?s written several books I can tell you that if you have a desire to write a book, but have no desire to publish on your own, the section on writing a book is worth the money. If you do plan to write and publish your own work the guidance on the very specific elements of editing, formatting and submitting digital books is a gold mine.

I do believe that we have come to a point where honing and communicating a specific point of view is an essential practice in the worlds of coaching, consulting and marketing and a book is one format to do so.

More importantly perhaps is that you practice your craft in a way that allows you to gain the experience and insight needed to construct a point of view worth sharing ? do that and you?re on your way to writing that book.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Iran ex-president's family sues radical critic

(AP) ? Four children of an influential ex-Iranian president are suing a radical lawmaker for describing his family as a corrupt "octopus," heating up a struggle between hard-liners and moderates simmering since a contested 2009 election.

The latest salvo has rekindled the bitterness between backers of the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and moderates headed by the former leader, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, just six months ahead of the next presidential election.

A lawyer filed the complaint for the family in the Special Clergy Court against the lawmaker, Hamid Rasai, an ally of Ahmadinejad. Rasai is also a cleric.

"Four children of Ayatollah Rafsanjani have registered their lawsuit against Rasai with the Special Clergy Court. I think Rasai will be summoned to the court within the next 10 days," said lawyer Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei, according to the semiofficial ISNA news agency.

In a speech broadcast on state radio, Rasai called one of the ex-president's sons, Mahdi Rafsanjani, a "corrupt monster who has always enjoyed ironclad immunity."

Rasai urged the judiciary to deal with him harshly, calling Rafsanjani and his relatives an "octopus family" that pressured judiciary and security bodies to free Mahdi.

Mahdi Rafsanjani was released from Evin prison on bail earlier this month.

Authorities arrested him in late September, a day after he returned to Iran from Britain, on charges of fomenting unrest in the aftermath of Iran's disputed 2009 presidential election. He has not been put on trial.

Rafsanjani's youngest daughter, Faezeh, is serving a six-month sentence on charges of distributing propaganda against Iran's ruling system.

Since Ahmadinejad's re-election in 2009, Rafsanjani's family has come under pressure from hard-liners. Rafsanjani supported Ahmadinejad's reformist challenger, Mir Hossein Mousavi.

Many analysts believe Ahmadinejad won the 2009 vote partly because he portrayed himself as a champion of the poor and called Rafsanjani a symbol of aristocracy. He also called Mousavi a protege of Rafsanjani.

In recent months, there are indications that the 78-year-old Rafsanjani, who favors a more moderate approach to the West, might try to make a political comeback.

Iran's judiciary rejected Rasai's statements, calling a large part of his remarks "sheer lies." In a statement, it said Rasai's remarks were "criminal" and must be dealt with by the court.

Several lawmakers responded Wednesday, claiming Rasai had parliamentary immunity. In the past, the judiciary has imprisoned lawmakers for making accusations against individuals who had not been convicted in court, saying parliamentary immunity doesn't allow a lawmaker to terrorize an innocent citizen.

Rafsanjani's family provided a written response to Rasai, which was posted on Rafsanjani's website Wednesday.

"It is expected that the respected Special Clergy Court, should it finds these remarks a kind of encroachment on the position of others, will take legal action ... because no one has the right to attribute crimes to a defendant who has not been sentenced in a competent court," the family said in its letter.

Associated Press


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Need Some Help With Commercial Real Estate? - Maynas Eric

While it can be exciting to own commercial property, a great deal of effort is required to care for it. It can be quite intimidating, and leave you wondering how to even start organizing the things that have to be accounted for. It can seem overwhelming and difficult to know what to think about when it comes to commercial real estate, yet in this article, you can learn some insightful information on what you should be doing and learning.

Certain facets of commercial loans separate them from their residential counterparts, like how much greater a percentage of the overall asking price must be covered in a down payment. Finding the best lending agencies and looking for investments is the perfect way to get the loan you need.

Feng Shui

TIP! When you are composing a letter of intent, you should emphasize simplicity by negotiating on the bigger issues first, then addressing the minor issues later in the negotiations. This will diffuse tension during negotiations and will facilitate compromise on the minor issues.

Try to consider feng shui when you are looking to buy commercial properties and for your office at home. A space that is open and not cluttered is one of the principles id feng shui that buyers like.

Make sure that you explicitly welcome both local and non-local buyers when you sell a piece of commercial property. It is a mistake to think that only people in the immediate area will have an interest in your property. There are many private investors who prefer to purchase reasonably-priced real estate that is not local to where they reside.

Commercial real estate involves more complex and longer transactions than buying a home. Yet, you should realize that the extra focus on, and length of, the process is essential in order to gain a better return on the investment.

TIP! Consult with your tax adviser prior to purchasing any commercial real estate property. A tax adviser can let you know how much money the buildings will cost you, and the amount of your income that will be taxable.

Document your business needs prior to hunting for commercial property. Have an exact idea on what type of office space is required for your company. If you have hopes of company growth, you will clearly want to purchase excess space, rather than wait until later when prices go up.

Always include emergency maintenance on your list of need to know things. Make sure to consult your landlord about emergency repair responsibilities in your building or office. Keep their numbers updated, and know how long it takes them to arrive on average. Create an emergency plan using your landlord?s information so that you can protect customer service and your reputation in case of a disruption to your usual business.

Try to get a presence online prior to jumping into the market. Make a website for yourself and make a LinkedIn profile. You should also utilize search engine optimization techniques to boost the search rank of your website. People should be able to locate your online presence simply by searching with your name.

TIP! Any new space you acquire might need some improvements prior to you occupying it. These changes could simply be cosmetic ones as simple as a new coat of paint or moving the furniture around.

Square Footage

Be extra careful when inquiring about a commercial property?s square footage. Properties are measured in term of usable square feet or the total square footage which includes uninhabitable space. Therefore, it is very important to know both types of square footage.

Seek the council of an experienced real estate attorney to help you with your commercial purchase. Because real estate investing is full of unexpected pitfalls and setbacks, you need a savvy professional to cover your legal liabilities.

TIP! Don?t make any offers on commercial property before you?ve found a lender. Discover your area?s best lenders by talking to friends and investors that you know.

Make sure you know how the firm that you are working with measures their results. Ask how the space needed is determined as well as the criteria they look for and their negotiation methods. If you know these things before you hire them, it can help.

Ensure that you?re dealing with a customer-conscious company prior to making a purchase. If you don?t, you could pay more for some mistake that you could?ve avoided to begin with.

Real estate deals must include inspections, so check the credentials of the inspector. This should be especially noted for those who work in pest removal since there are actually a number of non-licensed people who work in this area. This can prevent larger problems from occurring after the sale.

TIP! Learn how to see through superficial perks or staging to recognize the real deal. Those in the know can pick up on a good deal instantly.

As you know, there?s a lot of work that goes into owning a commercial property. To have a good experience, you?ll need to educate yourself, work hard, and most important, have patience. Note that you cannot take a break from it, you have to always keep at it. Keep the tips in this article in mind, and you?ll have the knowledge you need to find success in commercial real estate.


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Home Improvement Produced Basic - Suggestions! powah KITY!!! I ...

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Almost any one can enjoy and benefit from doing a little redecorating assignments. While you are a newbie, a great deal of areas can be extremely perplexing, like which device is the best one to do the job or do you want an allow to the task you will be intending to carry out? So, so what can a newbie do to discover more about this data? Ideas are the best solution, like the types discovered beneath.

It can be time for you to fresh paint the outside of the property if you are looking for a way to boost home improvements. Handful of everything has the effect and attraction of your shiny cover of external surfaces color. Pick a new and different color, and it will surely appear to be an entirely new home!

There are some telltale signs to look for that sign maintenance are important on the outdoor patio. A few things to confirm for are cracks, dry decay, protruding fingernails or anchoring screws and unevenness for the boards.

Crown molding is an easy inclusion that makes a massive difference in the appearance of your property. Crown molding introduces a bit visual attention to a normally basic wall structure and might substantially improve the look of a whole room. It is not very costly to place in crown molding and it is possible to install.

Try out composting to minimize how much rubbish you put out. This can be an easy task to do by environment besides space and using fresh fruit peels, vegetables, eggshells and gourmet coffee grounds. This garden compost stack reduces the amount of your trash can, which will help keep your cash should you pay with the case to your waste removing support.

Even small home remodeling projects can increase the resale importance of your house. When you are thinking about offering your own home, look at task several modest assignments. For instance, paint the walls inside and outside your home. Accomplishing this straightforward career, which only costs a couple of 100 $ $ $ $, can also add almost $1,000 to the value of your home!

Position your tv set on the wall structure. It could free up a substantial amount of area. You can find kits readily available that can make wall surface installation a Tv set a straightforward and fast career.

Check out your kitchen when you wish to obtain a concept of how to begin renovations and upgrades. Look initially towards the walls, washing them up from your grease or some other unpleasant stains with appropriate soaps. This will likely eliminate the oil and many the existing color. Painting your kitchen area in the suntan color you will make the false impression of obtaining more space.

To create extra space in your nightstand, pick ground lamps instead of dinner table lights. The ground lights could be relocated to various areas of the space since they are free standing. Select a light which has a stylish style which fits your look.

In order to save yourself some aggravation, poke slots in your paint can?s edge. This will likely stop fresh paint from stuffing the stations of your steel painting cans, and for that reason they are going to not spill when you change the include. Work with a nail to make a handful of pockets throughout the channel?s underside to ensure that this doesn?t occur.

Make sure to appreciate your own home advancement undertaking. It is essential that you are really careful if you are working, but you need to be having fun. Should you be not enjoying the venture, you make end up rushing to finish it and hurrying can result in faults becoming created. If this identifies you, consider hiring an expert.

When hiring companies to execute any function in your house, always maintain precise and comprehensive information. Never ever rely on your contractor to do so. Keep a folder with commitments and invoices highly relevant to the venture you are carrying out. This allows the contractor to concentrate on finishing the work.

As you can tell presently, several men and women have trouble concluding home improvement tasks. It might be an easy task to do home improvement projects when designed with the right details. Start by following via together with the ideas out of this article.

There is more information available about look at Angelique S. Lambey?s site there?s plenty of information not detailed in this post, find those details on Author?s web blog to discover more information.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Drive Your self and Your On the internet Business to Success! - Bnr.Co

When you listen to the achievement stories of how some on the internet entrepreneurs turned from possessing nine-to-5 desk jobs with minimal pay into getting a web site which has grow to be a virtual money cow for them, it actually becomes tempting to join in and begin your really personal on the internet company.

But is the world wide web business market one thing that anyone can be effective at? What if you have no idea at all about how to start off? What are the tools that you want to have to boost your probabilities of earning a large quantity of profit? That is specifically what we will try to locate out here.

Do You Have What it Requires to Succeed in an On-line Company?

To answer the aforementioned queries, we require to check initial regardless of whether you actually have what it requires to succeed as an web company entrepreneur or not. Take a appear at the following checklist that you can use as reference:

1. What are your motivations to succeed?
Motivation is quite a big aspect when it comes to figuring out whether or not you have what it takes to succeed in an internet enterprise or not. Maybe you would like to have the freedom to work without having possessing a boss looking over your shoulder. Or, it could be that you want to have the opportunity to function correct in the comfort of your own house. Or perhaps you just want to appreciate the financial freedom that goes along with it.

No matter which of these things apply to you, you can use them as a motivational factor in succeeding in the on-line internet enterprise venture of your option.

two. How a lot perform are you prepared to place in for your residence enterprise?
An additional way to know if you have what it requires to succeed in your online company is to figure out just how much work you are willing to place in it. Would you like to slave away your hours and really perform hard in the world wide web enterprise that you have? Or will you be happy with the additional income that you will make by working only during your free time?

3. What on-line business opportunity do you see oneself excelling at?
Lastly, determine which type of web company opportunity it is that you see your self excelling at. For this, you need to make sure that you are acquiring involved in a kind of enterprise that you are passionate about, skilled and talented at ? or at least, be involved in one thing that you?re interested in.

At the finish of the day, it is not the online residence company itself that will work towards your good results ? but it is you who can do it for yourself. The more time, effort and passion you throw towards your on the internet enterprise, the a lot more rewards your enterprise will give you financially.


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Chelsea Clinton: Future in Politics Could Happen


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Grow to be Knowledgeable About Payday Cash Loans Right here ...

Get urgent $100 payday loans online Minneapolis Minnesota within one day no extra fee 20 min approval.

Anytime you do have a problem with funds, it might feel as if you have to take care of it straight away. Often, that may be unachievable. Even so, payday loans allow you to to take care of some economic difficulties straight away. Just follow these suggestions to be sure to determine what payday loans are typical about.

Get urgent $100 payday loans online Washington, DC within one day .

If you may need funds extremely quickly, a cash advance could be the best choice. You could have the cash deposited to your checking account in as little as an hour or so. Then, if required, it is possible to sign up for a normal loan that can take for a longer time to method to pay it back.

Through taking out a cash advance, make sure that you can afford to pay it back again inside of 1 to 2 days. Online payday loans must be utilized only in emergency situations, when you absolutely have zero other options. Whenever you sign up for a cash advance, and could not shell out it back again straight away, 2 things happen. Initially, you must shell out a cost to hold re-increasing your loan till you can pay it back. Secondly, you keep getting billed a growing number of interest.

Usually do not allow the opportunity of getting funds swiftly prevent you from creating a wise decision. A lot of people approach payday loans as being an effortless solution to cover their monthly bills and land in personal debt. You should think of your choice very carefully and ensure you can pay for to repay your loan.

If you must obtain a cash advance, available a new checking account with a financial institution you don?t usually use. Question your budget for short-term inspections, and use this bank account to obtain your cash advance. Once your loan arrives because of, deposit the exact amount, you must pay back the money to your new checking account. This guards your regular cash flow if you happen to can?t pay for the loan back again by the due date.

Should you need greater than a thousand $, you must find one more answer. You must be able to obtain a cash advance from between five hundred dollars to some thousand. Consider setting up a payment plan along with your loan providers should you need to pay greater than a thousand $, or in order to steer clear of payday loans.

Well before committing to a cash advance, ensure that the possibility firm you might be borrowing from is registered by your condition. In the United States, whichever condition the corporation is within, they lawfully must be registered. When they are not registered, odds are very good they are illegitimate.

Only borrow the amount of money which you really need. As an example, in case you are struggling to pay off your bills, then this money is certainly required. Even so, you must never ever borrow funds for splurging functions, for example eating at restaurants. The high rates of interest you should shell out later on, will never be worth possessing funds now.

Some payday loans are known as label financial loans. They require the individual seeking the money to make use of the label for car as, equity for your loan. This really is only a possibility if, the car includes a very clear label without having liens attached. The label is presented with the loan provider right up until, the money is entirely paid off.

Do not turn out to be determined by payday loans, as tempting as it can get. They must be considered an unexpected emergency-only resource and not an extension of your regular paycheck. Phrases could get difficult and fees run high utilize them sensibly and as a signal which you most likely need to get your economic residence so as in the near future.

Make sure to check with the more effective Company Bureau before recognizing any sort of cash advance. Should you this, you can easily figure out the trustworthiness of the corporation, of course, if almost every other individuals have gotten issues. If you notice that there are a lot of issues, regardless of how very good the supply might appear, steer clear!

The best advice you may get about payday loans is that you simply should not use that type of loan unless of course totally necessary. It really is not too difficult to acquire a cash advance by simply putting your signature on your own name, however, many unpredicted circumstance may come up before you can pay it off that will create a far more hard circumstance.

Finding as how you need to be a cash advance skilled you should not sense unclear about what exactly is associated with payday loans anymore. Just remember to use precisely what you study right now any time you decide on payday loans. It is possible to steer clear of possessing any problems with whatever you just discovered.


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Rock out with Santa during the holidays with Santa Rockstar for iPhone

Rock out with Santa during the holidays with Santa Rockstar for iPhone

Santa Rockstar is a Guitar Hero-style game featuring rock 'n roll versions of popular Christmas songs and Santa Clause. You must help Santa deliver presents in the Merry Christmas Stage sled by touring around the world with the Reindeer Band. If you like Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revolution type games, rock music, and Santa Clause, then Santa Rockstar is a must-have.

Between five different stages, two of which must be unlocked, there are 21 songs included with Santa Rockstar. There are also a lot of different guitars, picks, pedals, and amps available to boost your performance and a special Rock Power skill that helps you rack up those points.

There are four different characters available in Rockstar Santa: Santa Rockstar, Genny The Gingerbread Guitar Legend, Rudolph the Rock Lord, and Santa Jaws. Characters and other items must be purchased in the store with coins that can be earned during gameplay or bought as in-app purchases. You can also earn more coins by connecting to Facebook and sharing your scores with your friends.

Seriously, this game rocks.


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Monday, December 24, 2012

Write Quality Content ? Speaking Options | ACE Writers

What kind of benefits can you gain from creating high quality content? Ooops, that isn?t the question? Your reader doesn?t care about YOU. They want to know what benefits you provide them. Article Marketing isn?t about you, it?s about them. Can you answer their question, or are they stuck listening to how you?ll be benefiting from their presence on your site.

8 seconds isn?t enough to tell your reader about your business, nor is it enough to gain any insight into their interest in your business, but it?s all their willing to spend on you, unless you tell them what they can gain by being there. Give them value, content, and benefits on the front page.

Appealing to the eye:

Give them eye candy to capture their interest in the early part of your presentation. Make it attractive to view your content, easy to read, personable and striking to look at, with key components that capture their interest. Color, easy on the eye fonts, directly related keyword emphasis, and simple style formats will keep them looking for more.

Highlighted subtitles:

Once they get past the main title, which should grab their attention instantly, you?ll need to provide quick and easy to read subtitles that keep them scanning the page. Immediately after the first or second paragraph, above the fold, give them a second header that says something of value. Use keywords, or at very least attractive words.

Captivating content they require:

Give them what they want. If you haven?t figured it out yet, most people really do want FREE or low cost product, they have enough of the big bills, so give them VALUE at low cost. You might be able to sell your high dollar products after you capture their interest and gain their trust, but in the beginning, make it affordable or free to help bring them in. Give them the valuable content they?re looking for.

Are you ready to share some benefits?

Present your benefits in 2 FREE Article Templates from and get a FREE Subscription to ADvertiZe ezine.


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