Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tornado hits Spain; flood deaths reach 10

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Overnight Music: Naughty Boy Feat. Emeli Sande - Wonder (Little green footballs)

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Vatican court rejects some butler trial evidence

VATICAN CITY (AP) ? A Vatican tribunal has thrown out some evidence gathered in the investigation of the pope's butler, who is accused of stealing the pope's papers and passing them off to a journalist in the worst security breach in the Vatican's recent history.

The court also decided Saturday during the first hearing of the case to separate the trial of the butler, Paolo Gabriele, and that of his co-defendant, a Vatican computer expert.

Gabriele faces up to four years in prison if he is convicted of aggravated theft. He has already confessed, saying he leaked the documents to shed light on what he called the "evil and corruption" in the church, and asked to be pardoned by the pope.

Judge Giuseppe Dalla Torre set the next hearing for Tuesday, when Gabriele will be questioned.


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Saturday, September 29, 2012

OSHA Certification Training Is Critical

OSHA certification is something many businesses need to do. While it may seem easy enough to have the organization come in and provide the necessary information, it is better to have employees trained in this area. Some companies provide this type of training. It can provide the foundation for becoming certified, but it also provides a wealth of information and tools to enable individuals to gain the skills to avoid common onsite problems. In other words, your organization cannot afford not to have properly trained professionals onsite.

What Training Provides

For those that need OSHA certification training, the first step in the process is to find a facility that provides this type of training. Some companies will come to your location to educate those you wish to receive it. In other cases, you can visit their location for the training. In all situations, the goal is the same. That is to provide individuals with the type of information they need to pass this very difficult certification. Most facilities offer both a 10-hour and a 30-hour course. The selection is based on what you need to know and how much you plan to invest into this education.

The information included in such a program can range widely. However, it will often include all of the information the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration feels you need to know. This includes information on citations and penalties, walking and working surfaces, safety and health programs, electrical, flammable and combustible liquids as well as personal protective equipment.

This organization?s job is to ensure that anyone working in an environment like this has the ability to remain safe. This includes safety from chemicals, burns, fire and other hazardous situations that can occur. The organization sets specific rules based on what?s necessary to keep employees healthy and safe. This includes everything from proper labeling on chemical bottles to having a means of egress and fire protection in place.

It Is Worth It

Though some companies may not think the investment in this type of training is worthwhile, it can make a big difference in your organization. Imagine if something were to go wrong and your employees do not have the tools, information or the skills to manage the problem properly. That risk is very real especially in some situations. Getting this training can help to prevent that from occurring.

Getting OSHA certification may not be as difficult as you think. There are various organizations willing to work around your specific needs to get your employees or management ready to be certified. If this is the next step you need to take for your business, do so with skilled, knowledgeable employees that can make certification easy to achieve.

Ensure your workplace is a safe and contained one by getting OSHA Certification Alabama. The staff at are well trained in how to train you.


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Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health Receives $297,000 National Institutes of Health Grant to Support Cervical Cancer Education Program


Georgia Southern University?s Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health has been awarded a $297,185 federal grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to refine and test a cervical cancer education program in the Hispanic/Latino community.


The two-year project, which is funded by the National Institutes of Health Office of the Director, Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, is titled, "Salud es Vida (Health is Life): Reducing Access Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening among Underserved Hispanic Women." John Luque, Ph.D., assistant professor of community health, is the principal investigator of the new grant.


As a part of the grant, Georgia Southern researchers are partnering with Georgia Health Sciences University?s Gynecological Cancer Prevention Center and Department of Medical Illustration. ?In a previous NIH pilot grant, Luque?s team developed a Spanish language cervical cancer screening toolkit that helps community health workers to encourage women to receive Pap tests and also provides information about the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, which prevents cervical cancer. This new grant will test the efficacy of this intervention approach.


According to statistics provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Hispanic women have the highest rates of cervical cancer of all racial/ethnic groups in the United States. Hispanic women are also more likely to die from cervical cancer than non-Hispanic whites. There are several reasons why cervical cancer rates are much higher in this segment of the population, one being that Hispanic women, especially newer immigrants, are less likely to receive regular Pap tests. In addition, recent changes in Pap test guidelines issued by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, recommend that women receive Pap tests only every three years beginning at age 21, so women need more information about recent changes in cervical cancer screening guidelines. Other professional groups have recommended that outreach be targeted at medically underserved women who have never received screening.?


?In rural Georgia, there are numerous barriers to regular screening including shortage of providers, transportation challenges and burdensome costs for uninsured patients,? says Luque. ?


In order to increase information about access to cervical cancer screening, Luque is partnering with the Southeast Georgia Communities Project (SEGCP), a non-profit organization directed by Andrea Hinojosa in Lyons, Ga. ?The community health workers (or promotoras in Spanish) will have the educational tools to deliver this information to their fellow community members to join the fight against cancer health disparities.?


The 2011 Department of Health and Human Services ?Action Plan to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities? specifically calls for supporting more training of community health workers, such as promotoras, as one of its action steps to reduce disparities.


?The hope is that this study will add to the evidence base for how important a community health worker can be in making sure that underserved women receive routine, yet often lifesaving, Pap tests,? said Luque. ??Promotoras typically volunteer to work with women in low-income areas who often do not have adequate access to preventative health care. This study will demonstrate how researchers can partner with community partners and promotoras in a rural area to refine and test a cervical cancer education and outreach toolkit to reduce cancer health disparities.?


Luque says the study may help community health programs and clinics realize the value of community health workers as they plan cervical cancer outreach programs for Hispanic women.?


Georgia Southern University, a Carnegie Doctoral/Research University founded in 1906, offers more than 120 degree programs serving more than 20,000 students. Through eight colleges, the University offers bachelor?s, master?s and doctoral degree programs built on more than a century of academic achievement. ?In 2012, the University was named one of the Top 10 most popular universities in the country by U.S. News & World Report and is a top choice of Georgia?s HOPE scholars. ?Georgia Southern is recognized for its student-centered approach to education. Visit:



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Amanda Bynes Pleads Not Guilty, Locks Herself in the Bathroom


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Friday, September 28, 2012

Michigan Renaissance Festival Wraps Up Season This Weekend ...

grape stomping!

Tim Boyle, Newsmakers, getty images

If you haven?t been to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly yet, this is your last weekend to have some medieval fun.? The theme at the Ren Fest is ?Sweet Endings,? and you can enjoy all that entails from wine tasting to chocolate and cupcakes!

The Michigan Renaissance Festival takes place on Dixie Highway, just north of Mt. Holly, and is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Along with all the jousting, music, comedy, arts, crafts, food and drink this weekend has some special offerings.

The 12th annual Chocolate Festival will give you ample opportunity to taste some sweet treats.? The Queen?s Cupcake Wars will also tempt your tastebuds.? There will be grape stomping and wine tasting.

With all the sweet treats, there is still room for a food fight!? Don?t miss the Fudge Fling where you get to well, fling fudge!

It?s always a jolly good time to go back in time with the Michigan Renaissance Festival.? This is the last weekend, so get yourself out to Hollygrove for the Sweet Endings sendoff.

Discount tickets can be purchased in advance from Kroger and Walgreen?s stores.




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Big Quakes Signal Changes Coming To Earth's Crust

An official of the Banda Aceh prison examines the damage a day after a powerful earthquake hit the west coast of Indonesia in Banda Aceh on April 12. Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images

An official of the Banda Aceh prison examines the damage a day after a powerful earthquake hit the west coast of Indonesia in Banda Aceh on April 12.

On April 11 of this year, an extraordinary cluster of earthquakes struck off Sumatra. The largest shock, magnitude 8.7, produced stronger ground-shaking than any earthquake ever recorded. And it surprised seismologists by triggering more than a dozen moderate earthquakes around the world.

The quakes are also a sign of big changes to come in the Earth's crust.

But chances are you don't remember the April 11 quake off Sumatra. That's because it was far offshore, so nobody got severely shaken, and it didn't produce a killer tsunami. But the event didn't simply fade away for Ross Stein at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, Calif.

"I was having dinner with my wife at a restaurant a few hours after this earthquake had occurred, and I kept getting paged," Stein says. "And I would look and see that a large earthquake had occurred somewhere around the world. And it just seemed very, very odd that we were having this run of earthquakes of magnitude 5 and larger in this short space of time."

And Stein's pager didn't stop after dinner. It kept going off for nearly a week, because moderate quakes kept popping up all around the world.

As Stein and his colleagues report in Nature magazine, the big quake triggered 16 moderate quakes. That defies conventional wisdom. Big quakes trigger big aftershocks locally, but the distant quakes they trigger are typically tiny.

It turns out this was no ordinary quake.

"The shaking produced by this earthquake is larger than any other earthquake recorded, even though we have earthquakes such as the magnitude 9.2 event in 2004, which is 10 times larger than this one," Stein says.

The energy from this quake was all released in about two minutes, compared with eight minutes for the quake that triggered the deadly Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. And while most quakes of this size move the ground up and down ? which can cause tsunamis ? ground movement during the April quake was side to side.

"This is the largest strike-slip, or San Andreas-like earthquake ever recorded," Stein says.

The shock sent a series of long seismic waves around the world, shaking the ground horizontally and ringing the planet like a bell. Those are called Love waves, and Stein suspects they were strong enough to trip quakes on faults that were pretty close to failing to begin with ? not creating new hazards, just changing the timing of quakes.

And the story here isn't just about distant quakes. Seismologists studying the April 11 quakes themselves were also in for a surprise.

"The main shock, the 8.7 event, ruptured on four different faults, which is really unusual," says Thorne Lay, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He and his colleagues describe this in a separate paper in Nature. Lay's team found that the quake zigzagged through a hash mark of faults. And the quakes themselves were not where anybody expected them to be.

"They didn't happen where we typically observe very big earthquakes," Lay says. "It was not on the boundaries between tectonic plates, where plates are rubbing against each other."

Instead, Lay thinks we're witnessing the gradual evolution of a new boundary between tectonic plates.

Here's the big picture. Australia and India sit on the same vast chunk of rock, along with a large swath of the sea floor. This makes up one tectonic plate, "and it's all been moving together northward pretty much coherently for many tens of millions of years," he says.

The western half of that plate has run up against Asia. That slow-motion collision is pushing up the huge Himalayan mountain chain. But the other half of that plate, to the east, is still moving north, unimpeded.

"One part got stuck," Lay says. "The other part kept going. And that sort of wrenched the plate."

That wrenching spot is where the April 11 events took place. Over millions of years, Lay figures, a new plate boundary will form there.

"This event is a very tiny step in that evolution. But it's geologically fascinating to actually be able to record it in our lifetimes and see that process going on," he says.

The new plate boundary will appear only after thousands of more quakes like the ones in April tear up the rock and shift the stresses that are constantly reshaping our planet.


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Earworms and the 'mononymous' phenomenon

Doing a spell-check on a pop singer's name, the Monitor's language columnist is reminded how writers can get words, as well as music, 'stuck' in their ears.

By Ruth Walker / September 28, 2012

Hey, Beyonc?, do you know what they're calling you over at Wikipedia? "Mononymous." No kidding.

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I was looking to confirm the acute accent on the pop singer's final "e" the other day. In the process, I learned that her unusual name comes from her mother's maiden name and was disabused of my vague notion that it is a portmanteau for "beyond outr?."

But what's this "mononymous"? Wikipedia has a whole long article that begins, "A mononymous person is an individual who is known and addressed by a mononym, or 'single name,' " and then goes on to mention people as diverse as Cicero, Napoleon, and ? Beyonc?.

One can imagine a convention of Mononymous Anonymous. The Classical Division ? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle ? would be so busy disputing among themselves they wouldn't see they were blocking the hors d'oeuvres. The Great Painters Division ? Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, Titian ? would all gravitate to the north-facing windows. And the 21st-Century Entertainment Division would each expect to be the center of attention, as only a 21st-century mononymous person can.

I could also imagine Oprah trying to get Socrates as a guest on one of her talk shows, and then seeing the deal founder when Socrates insists on asking all the questions.

Why am I stuck on this odd word I'd never heard of until I went searching for that acute accent? Maybe because I've long thought the right term for single-namers is uninomial, which I picked up from a piece in The New Yorker years ago. It was an airy observation, back in 1975, that "Halston, the uninomial clothes designer, has launched a collection of men's clothing."

Mononymous is from Greek, whereas uninomial is from Latin, if it's a word at all, which is unclear. Even my computer thinks I mean uninominal (a legislative system in which each district elects a single member, as in the US House of Representatives) and keeps autocorrecting me like a too-clever-by-half pet monkey.

But if writers experience language as a form of music ? as this one does ? then they are susceptible to getting words stuck in their ears the way others get tunes stuck.

Earworm, as a term for this phenomenon, goes back to 1987, according to Paul McFed?ries's website "Word Spy." He explains the term as a literal borrowing from the German Ohrwurm. "Sticky tune" or "cognitive itch" are synonyms, and the Portuguese, he adds, use a term that means "ear chewing gum."

The sticking power of mononymous is enhanced, if that's the word, by its sonic proximity to "Manamana." This nonsense song, whose title seems to have various spellings, was originally part of the soundtrack for a racy Italian movie in the 1960s, but then, after who knows what process of vector transmission, popped up in the cultural sphere of "Sesame Street" and the Muppets. Sic transit gloria mundi, as one of the Latin-speaking mononyms might put it.


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

American Family Association Caveman Bryan Fischer: 'Too Early to Say' Whether Obama's the Antichrist (Little green footballs)

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Philippines' Oscar hope is drama on aging gay man

Filipino writer and director Jun Robles Lana answers questions during an interview in suburban Quezon City, north of Manila, Philippines on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012. Lana's film ?Bwakaw?, an indie drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man has tested the local sensibilities about sexuality and, if it passes the Academy Awards? nomination process, may get a shot as the country?s entry for the best foreign-language film next year.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Filipino writer and director Jun Robles Lana answers questions during an interview in suburban Quezon City, north of Manila, Philippines on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012. Lana's film ?Bwakaw?, an indie drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man has tested the local sensibilities about sexuality and, if it passes the Academy Awards? nomination process, may get a shot as the country?s entry for the best foreign-language film next year.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Filipino writer and director Jun Robles Lana talks during an interview in suburban Quezon City, north of Manila, Philippines Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012. Lana's film ?Bwakaw?, an indie drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man has tested the local sensibilities about sexuality and, if it passes the Academy Awards? nomination process, may get a shot as the country?s entry for the best foreign-language film next year.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Filipino writer and director Jun Robles Lana poses after an interview with the Associated Press in suburban Quezon City, north of Manila, Philippines on Wednesday Sept. 26, 2012. Lana's film ?Bwakaw?, an indie drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man has tested the local sensibilities about sexuality and, if it passes the Academy Awards? nomination process, may get a shot as the country?s entry for the best foreign-language film next year.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

(AP) ? An independent drama that explores the loneliness and missed opportunities of an ailing, 70-year-old gay man is testing Philippine sensibilities about sexuality and hoping to advance in the Academy Awards' foreign-language film competition next year.

"Bwakaw," or "Voracious," has received positive reviews and local awards and is doing the rounds of international film festivals in Toronto, New York, Hawaii and Tokyo.

Writer and director Jun Robles Lana says the movie is named after a stray dog with a voracious appetite for life that has a bond with the main character, Rene. Bwakaw's zest for life contrasts with Rene's grumpy disposition.

Rene came out of the closet in his twilight years, thinks it is too late for love and only awaits his own death. He has made a will and labeled his few possessions to be given away to friends. He even bought a coffin at a funeral home's closing-out sale.

But when Bwakaw dies after an illness, Rene, played by veteran actor Eddie Garcia, finds new appreciation for life. "It's the dog that basically teaches him to live life to the fullest," Lana said in an interview Wednesday.

"It's really more about loneliness, although you can't help that some people or critics are branding it a gay film simply because the character is gay, but that's really beside the point," he said.

Lana admits that while Filipinos are generally gay-friendly ? the most popular movie star is Vice Ganda, an out-and-out gay comedian ? local mainstream audiences might not be too receptive to a serious take on homosexuality in the conservative and predominantly Roman Catholic society.

"We tend to look at gay characters as iconic, funny characters," he said. "So when you make a movie like this, you really have to market it in such a way that it would be more appealing to them."

He said that the movie focuses on the comedy aspect in order to appeal to a wider audience.

But the filmmaker hopes that between the laughs, moviegoers will find that it is more than a comedy.

He said he made the film with the intention to honor his mentor, writer Rene Villanueva, who died in 2007. He described Villanueva, who came out as gay later in his life, as generous and harsh at the same time, and an inspiration for the main character, Rene.

Lana said the drama "eventually became a story about growing old, missed opportunities, about how desire is inextricable from our lives."

For Lana, who started in art house films but has for the last few years been mainly involved in commercial movies, "Bwakaw" was also "a return to my roots."

"I did not expect this film which I made for very personal reasons would resonate with so many people and not just Filipinos," he said. "I'm really just thankful for all the wonderful things going our way."

The Philippines has submitted entries to the Academy Awards for many years but has never been nominated or even short-listed.

"Bwakaw" is one of around 40 films entered in the foreign-language category this year. The list is to be pared to 10 late this year and to the final five nominees by January.

Associated Press


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* Secrets of how to make 5 figures in a single week promoting other people?s launches.

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* Super affiliate blogging secrets, from how to set up your own blog to how to market it online to gain high search engine rankings and lots of extreme affiliate sales.

* On page search engine optimization, how it works, and the free software that you need to analyze your web pages so that they are definitely perfect and ready to be ranked highly for your chosen keywords.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Law Abiding Citizen - Shop Online

Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is an upstanding family man whose wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a home invasion. When the killers are caught, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), a hotshot young Philadelphia prosecutor, is assigned to the case. Over his objections, Nick is forced by his boss to offer one of the suspects a light sentence in exchange for testifying against his accomplice. Fast forward ten years. The man who got away with murder is found dead and Clyde Shelton admits his guilt. Then he issues a warning to Nick: Either fix the flawed justice system, or key players in the trial will die. Soon Shelton follows through on his threats, orchestrating from his jail cell a string of spectacularly diabolical assassinations that can be neither predicted nor prevented. Only Nick can stop the killing and finds himself in a desperate race against time facing a deadly adversary who seems always to be one step ahead.The legal thriller meets the serial-killer shocker in Law Abiding Citizen. The story begins when home invaders kill Clyde Shelton?s wife and daughter. The bereaved father (played by a thoroughly unsympathetic Gerard Butler) looks to slick Philly prosecutor Nick Rice (a low-key Jamie Foxx) to see that they receive the maximum sentence. Instead, the murderer, Ames, testifies against his accomplice, Darby, who gets the chair, while he gets 10 years. Upon his release, Ames? mutilated body turns up in an abandoned warehouse, and all roads lead to Shelton. Rice attempts to defend him, but his client makes it impossible?Shelton wants to go to prison?so he does time, but then members of Rice?s legal team start to die. The attorney suspects Shelton, but can?t connect him to the crimes, so he races against the clock to save the lives of his assistant, Sarah (Leslie Bibb), D.A. Jonas (Bruce McGill), and his own wife and child. The movie may sound like a Yank reboot of the Japanese chiller Cure, in which an inmate kills from inside institutional walls, but plays more like a mash-up between The Silence of the Lambs, without the psychological complexity, and The Devil?s Advocate, without the cynical giggles. F. Gary Gray got his start with hip-hop videos and urban action flicks, like Set It Off, until he hit the big time with his remake of The Italian Job. Law Abiding Citizen is a disappointing muddle from a director who?s done better in the past and will surely do better in the future. ?Kathleen C. Fennessy

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  • Format: DVD
  • Color; DVD; Widescreen; NTSC

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Pandas Become Diplomatic Casualties

It was supposed to be a goodwill gesture.

After the earthquake and tsunami devastated much of her Japanese city last year, Sendai Mayor Emiko Okuyama asked Beijing if it would loan a pair of giant pandas to the local Yagiyama Zoo to cheer up young kids in the Tohoku region.

In a meeting with Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, China's Premier Wen Jiabao said he would strongly consider it.

Yet, a year later, that panda diplomacy has been stalled by an escalating dispute between China and Japan over the uninhabited Senkaku or Diaoyu islands. Michiya Ujiie, who is spearheading Sendai's efforts, says he has not spoken with his Chinese counterparts in months.

"Neither side has suggested suspending the exchange altogether," Ujiie said. "But under these circumstances, I don't expect to get a call at all."

Sendai residents aren't so eager now to accept accepting China's national treasures. Ujiie said the city has received dozens of emails from residents urging officials to halt the panda luring efforts, saying Sendai should not negotiate with a country that holds so much animosity towards Japan.

City officials hoped to firm up plans to bring the pandas to Sendai at an event marking the 40 th anniversary of normalization between Japan and China this month, but Beijing cancelled the celebration.

This isn't the first time the cuddly creatures have been dragged into diplomatic disputes.

In June, nationalist Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara quipped the newly born panda cub at Tokyo's Ueno Zoo should be named "Sen-sen" or "Kaku-kaku," referring to the Japanese name for the disputed islands, Senkaku. China calls the rocks Diaoyu.

The cub died six days later, but its body remains in a freezer on zoo grounds, nearly three months later. China maintains full ownership of the pandas it loans out, but Tokyo officials say they have not received any word from Beijing about what to do with the frozen creature.

China and Japan both claim the tiny, uninhabited archipelago in the East China Sea. Tensions between the two countries have escalated since Tokyo nationalized the islands earlier this month, setting off a wave of anti-Japanese protests throughout China.

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Surfing eyes Olympics as Peru hosts event - Rash Guard

25 September, 2012 : ? As one of the original and quintessential beach sports, surfing will have a substantial place in the program of the inaugural Bolivarian Beach Games, an innovative multi-sport event organized by the Bolivarian Sports Organization (ODEBO). As ODEBO is recognized and affiliated to the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO), all the surfers will be travelling as part of their National Teams, supported by their National Olympic Committees, much in the same way athletes are chosen for and participate in the Olympic Games.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

'Dangerous' prison escapee captured in Georgia

Miss. Dept. Of Corrections via AP

Michael Blane Dowda, 48, of Harrison County, Miss.

By Andrew Mach, NBC News

Michael Dowda, the escaped inmate from the Mississippi State Penitentiary that officials described as "armed and dangerous," has been captured, prison officials said Tuesday.

Dowda, 48, who had been at large since Saturday was apprehended in Macon, Ga., nearly 500 miles away from the Mississippi state prison in Parchman, Miss.

Through investigations by the Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) and U.S. Marshals in Mississippi and Georgia, Dowda was captured at approximately 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, MDOC Spokesperson Tara Booth said in a statement.

Dowda now faces extradition to Mississippi and multiple charges including escape.

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While on maintenance detail, Dowda allegedly broke into a safe inside the home of a Department of Corrections employee on prison grounds and stole two handguns. He then fled the prison grounds driving a white 2005 Chevrolet Silverado truck that he also stole from the same employee.

The prison was placed on lockdown and closed to visitors after his escape.

Dowda is serving a life sentence for murdering his girlfriend, Clarissa Lynn Jarrett, during an argument on Nov. 13, 1996. After Jarrett said she had sex with other men, Dowda got a gun, put it to her head and pulled the trigger, the Associated Press reported. He later said he had removed the clip and thought the gun was unloaded, but authorities said one bullet was chambered.

He chose to be tried without a jury. A judge convicted him in December 1998, and he began serving his sentence at the state prison in January 1999.?

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There was no record of any previous escape attempt by Dowda from any Mississippi Department of Corrections facility.

The last escape at Parchman occurred in April 2008, officials said.? Inmate John Compton, who went missing during farming operations, was captured five days later by police in Texas.

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Trees Come 'From Out Of The Air,' Said Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman. Really?

Ask one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century a simple question, and his answer makes me go, "What? What did he just say?"

The question was: Where do trees come from?

Meaning, when you see a tree, a big, tall, heavy one, and you wonder where did it get its mass, its thick trunk, its branches ? the instinctive answer would be from the soil below, plus a little water (and, in some mysterious way, sunshine), right?

Nope, says the late Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, sitting in an easy chair, thinking out loud in a You Tube video clip from 1983: "People look at a tree and think it comes out of the ground, that plants grow out of the ground, " he says, but "if you ask, where does the substance [of the tree] come from? You find out ... trees come out of the air!"

From the air? Trees are hard, branchy, heavy, covered with bark. They don't precipitate out of air. This sounds like sorcery, not science.

But then Feynman says it again, "They surely ... come out of the air."

If you are wondering how tons of wood, leaf, bark and all the innards of, say, a massive redwood tree can get pulled out of air, you'll want to hear Feynman's explanation, which is mostly him happily arguing with himself. ("How is it the tree is so smart ... and do that so easily? Ah! Life! Life has some mysterious force? No! ...")

But First...

But before you go to Feynman, it's best to start here, with this primer from Derek Miller of Australia's science video site, Veritasium. "Would it surprise you," Derek asks three young guys in a park ? one of them wearing a T-shirt that says "living the dreem," "to discover that 95 percent of a tree is actually from carbon dioxide, that trees are largely made up of air?" The guys smile politely and say, "Ummmm ... OK ... "

I think, watching this video, you'll be more surprised than they were.

So that's the lesson: that a tree gets its mass from air and water. It "eats" air, chomps down on airborne carbon dioxide, then uses sunshine to pull the carbon dioxide apart, gets rid of the oxygen, which "it spits back into the air," says Feynman, "leaving the carbon and water, the stuff to make the substance of the tree."

But wait a second! Water is in the ground, right? Water is not in the air. Ah, says Feynman, but how did water get into the ground? "It came mostly out of the air, didn't it?" Waving his hands, he says rain "came out of the sky."

What a beautiful notion, that from the dancing air comes the towering monarchs that are our trees. But don't take my word for it, or Derek's. You're now ready to hear it from the Big Guy. When this begins, he's talking about fire. He gets to trees about two minutes in.


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The ideal remedy against discouragement. How to find happiness ...

Reading History is the ideal remedy against discouragement and dissatisfaction. During difficult periods, man can gain perspective by learning how his ancestors turned problems into opportunities. Past centuries have repeatedly shown how individuals with limited resources can face life's challenges and overcome extraordinary obstacles.

Dealing with failure in life

Hesiod, an Ancient Greek poet, recounted in the year 770 B.C. that "the world did not welcome me when I was born and each season brought nothing but problems and difficulties." The reason for such lamentations was that a court decision in favour of his brother, Perses, had deprived Hesiod of his inheritance at an early age, forcing him to earn his subsistence by working in other people's fields.

As a result of adversity, Hesiod soon acquired first-hand experience in all kind of farm labours and gained expertise in breeding goats and sheep. "Watching the sheep kindled my ambition," he recorded. "I realized that, unlike sheep, I had the capacity to take control of my future."

During the winter, Hesiod witnessed how the cold temperature in the mountains of northern Greece often culled herds by half. Later on, he would write that the destiny of animals, unlike that of human beings, is fully dependent on the weather. The young shepherd spent a long time preparing himself in the solitude of the mountains until, one spring, he walked to Chalces, a nearby village, and enrolled in the annual poetry contest.

Making your personal development plan

In Ancient Greece, winning a poetry contest was a ticket to fame and opened the door to a political career. That year, competition was particularly fierce since Homer, the most famous poet of the time, had come to Chalces to take part in the contest.

On the eve of the competition, Perses asked his brother to which God he would be devoting his poem, as it was customary to do on such occasions. Hesiod smiled and shook his head. "My poem is not about Gods, it's about sheep." Perses stared at his brother incredulously, but did not make any comment.

At the beginning of the contest, the jury separated the participants in two groups, one for the morning session and the other for the afternoon. After that, the winners from both groups would face each other in the evening finale.

Homer achieved an easy victory in the morning competition, but the jury deliberated long before picking the afternoon winner. Who was this youngster Hesiod? It was the first time that anyone had ever heard a poem about sheep in the mountain.

Using critical thinking skills

Amiphidamas, who was the mayor of Chalces and the president of the jury said that he liked Hesiod's poem. "That shepherd has interesting ideas," he told the other judges of the contest. In a way, Amiphidamas' view was not surprising, since he owned the largest herd of the village.

In the evening, torches were lighted to illuminate the theatre. Peasants from surrounding villages had come to Chalces to see the poetry finale, which featured Homer against an unknown shepherd called Hesiod. The result of the contest was predictable and Perses bet heavily against his brother.

Homer recited a poem recounting the Trojan war and his performance galvanized the young. His strong voice and impeccable speech brought the audience memories of long-forgotten Gods and glories. When he finished his declamation, the jury nodded satisfied. Nobody doubted that Homer would come out winner.

How to find happiness through personal growth

Then the young shepherd Hesiod came to stand before the public. "How hard life is," he started, "and how recurrent our miseries." Puzzled by the unusual beginning, the audience held their breath to be able to hear better. What was this poem all about?

It was the story of a farmer who lost half of his herd every winter due to extreme cold. In his poem, Hesiod noted the scarcity of sheep in the winter, their over-abundance in the summer, and how sheep prices oscillated with the change of seasons.

"I asked the oracle for an answer," recited Hesiod, "but he told me to look for it myself." At that point, part of the audience murmured their disapproval. Undaunted, the young poet questioned his public. "What to do in face of winter scarcity? Should man suffer passively the caprice of the Gods?"

Hesiod's poem was called "Work and Days." His conclusion was unmistakable. A wise man should buy sheep in the summer at a low price and wait for the winter's cold weather to bring back high prices and the opportunity of a profitable sale.

When Hesiod finished his performance, the audience remained silent. Half of the jury members were in favour of Homer, but Amiphidamas' preference allowed the young shepherd to carry the day. Hesiod's rhyme had been awkward and his presence on stage unexciting, but the judges had found his poem "highly instructive for ourselves and future generations."

For more information about rational living and personal growth, I refer you to my book about personal development? "The 10 Principles of Rational Living"


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Noise limits placed on ammo maker, wedding venue

MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) -- The Latah County Zoning Commission has imposed noise limits on a shooting range as well as a bed and breakfast with a chapel that's a popular place for summer weddings.

The Lewiston Tribune in a story on Friday reports ( ) the commission imposed limits after hearing about the concerns of neighbors.

The commission granted PNW Arms permission to continue to run an indoor firing range but required the company to do more to mitigate sound. The commission also put off a decision about a larger firing range the company wants to build, giving the company time to develop plans.

The commission also limited summer weddings to every other weekend at a Paradise Ridge-area chapel and bed and breakfast called Meadowinds. It also banned amplified music.


Information from: Lewiston Tribune,


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