Thursday, May 10, 2012

Communication Is Key For Real Estate Professionals | Real Living ...

When someone wants to buy a house they are really looking for a real estate professional they can trust and build a relationship with and to assist them with one of the biggest investments or purchases in their life.

Building a rapport does not come easy. You have only a few seconds to capture the trust and build a relationship with someone who will be trusting you with their life savings and private information (personal and financial).

Some traits or attributes a home buyer looks for in a real estate agent are: experience, positive attitude, good reputation and character, informed, detailed, high-spirited energy or motivated, pleasing personality and appearance. The homebuyers are looking for a sharp, assertive individual to get them in a home with as less pressure and worry as possible. They need someone who will counsel, educate and make them feel important and be the most important part of the decision-making process. The insight of the professional can allay the nervousness and apprehension presented by most customers buying a home.

The five essentials a real estate agent must have to give the best customer service to home buyers are:

1. Knowledge and expertise - They expect you to know and help them through this process of anxiety. You must know your inventory and apply your skills to each one individually.

2. Trust - They want to know they can trust you with their life possessions. Keeping all information private is a must when handling any type of information.

3. Professionalism - They want to know you will act in a business-like manner and get the job done. Your attire and attitude with a smile is a must.

4. Quality and efficiency - They want to know you are competent and that you will provide them with prompt, high quality and effective service. Follow-up and quick turn around with phone calls and information helps to decrease problems.

5. Organizational skills - the ability to multi-task and still be proficient. Time management and being able to adapt to the situation will help in reaching goals and ultimately in pleasing the customer.

If you study, apply and do a checklist of the above five elements combined with the traits, then you should not have a problem assisting and providing the best and even superior service your customers.

A majority of home buyers have no idea of what is involved in buying a house and they leave it up to the real estate professional to help them. You can see why this is a very stressful and fearful situation in their lives. Referrals and/or repeat buying will usually be a rewarding outcome to the agent, if you are giving the best customer service and properly counseling to your home buyers.

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