Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cycle Clothing and Comfort

Being Comfortable in Cycle Clothing

If you?re a keen cyclist, or someone who participates in cycling, then you will know that you need your cycle clothing to be as comfortable as possible. Whether you go on short rides or long rides, you still need your clothes to fit and feel comfortable to enable you to have a good ride without feeling self conscious about your clothing. The first step that you can take to make sure that the cycle clothing you want to wear is suitable for you is to try it on in the shop! So many people buy clothes without trying them on, and then take them home to find they needed another size or they don?t like it! There?s no harm in trying things on ... try before you buy!

Clothes You Feel Good In

There is nothing worse than wearing clothes that you don?t feel comfortable in as you will spend more time worrying about what everyone else is thinking and spend a lot less time enjoying your ride.

If to begin with you don?t feel comfortable wearing tight Lycra cycle clothing, then why not start off by wearing a looser fitting clothing until you feel ready to wear something a little tighter. This goes for tops and jerseys as well as shorts! There are so many options of cycle clothing, there is most certainly something out there for you, from long-sleeved tops to short sleeved jerseys for your top half; and long tights to shorts for your bottom half.

Cycle Clothing with Added Comfort

Like to what has been previously mentioned, there are so many different types of cycle clothing out there that there is so many different things to choose from.

There are also so many different variations to one particular item too. For example; if you love wearing a cycling jersey, then next time you buy one, maybe purchase one with pockets in the back to keep all of your energy bars and other little bits safe on a ride. Also, if you?re used to wearing standard bib shorts, then why not upgrade to some bib shorts that have padding in the gusset of the shorts to give you a much more comfortable ride when you are on your bike saddle for long periods of time. If you don?t wear bib shorts, then normal shorts are also available with padding for extra comfort. So next time you?re out looking for new cycle wear, be sure to find the right cycle clothing for you that will make you feel positive and comfortable to take on any ride.

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