Thursday, April 26, 2012

ZestCash Debuts New Big Data Underwriting Models To Determine Consumer Credit Risk

zestcash-pictureZestCash, a company founded by former Google CIO and VP of engineering Douglas Merrill to legitimize the payday loan industry, is announcing a new patent pending credit decisioning model to better analyze credit risk. ZestCash also introduced Hollerith, a new set of underwriting models that allow the company to extend credit to 25 percent more Americans and increase repayment from customers by 20 percent. ZestCash takes an entirely different approach to underwriting by combining Google-style machine learning techniques and data analysis, combined with traditional credit scoring. As a result, the company can offer credit to many people who historically would have been turned away. The company allows users to borrow between $300 and $800 in what are called 'payday loans' and is currently available in five states? Wisconsin, Utah, Idaho, Missouri and South Dakota.

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