Saturday, August 3, 2013

Maker Studios recruits YouTube's top gamers to relaunch Geek channel

By Lucas Shaw

NEW YORK ( - Maker Studios has launched "Polaris," a new network focused on gaming and geek culture, the company announced Thursday. The network was formerly known as "The Game Station," but Maker opted to expand the network's focus to other areas of geek culture as well, including books and movies.

Geek culture is already one of the most prominent and popular subjects on YouTube, as evidenced by the video site's upcoming "Geek Week." The Polaris Channel will co-host "Gaming Thursday" during "Geek Week," and Maker is turning to some of the most popular creators in that space to help this channel burst through the clutter.

PewDiePie, who has 11.3 million subscribers, The Yogscast, the largest gaming channel in the UK, and Dodger, the top female gamer on the video site, will all contribte.

"By re-launching our gaming channel as 'Polaris,' we'll be able to focus not only on videogames, but offer original content that embodies our deep love of pop culture, movies, comics and all-things-geek," Dar Nothaft, vice president and general manager of "Polaris."

Here are a few of the shows that will appear on the channel:

PewDiePie & Friends - The biggest gamer in the world PewDiePie tackles his favorite games in a playhouse atmosphere, joined by other Polaris stars such as Toby Turner, Dodger and Jesse Cox.

The Daily Byte - Hosted by Dodger of PressHeartToContinue, the #1 female gamer on YouTube dishes daily on the top nerdy headlines. The Daily Byte" also features some of Dodger's own personal picks and recommendations for tech, pop culture, comic books and geek chic.

Co-Optional Podcast - The spiritual successor to The Game Station (TGS) Podcast, TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, Dodger and a feature guest discuss (at length) gaming news each Wednesday, and spotlight cool and interesting content from the Polaris network.


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