Friday, August 2, 2013

Microsoft Details Xbox One?s Reputation System

Microsoft has shared a few details about the new Xbox Live reputation system that will be introduced with the launch of Xbox One.

Xbox Live program manager Micheal Dunn revealed that the new process will move away from the survey-based system used on Xbox 360. Users will still be able to block or mute players, but now users will be issued a score based on the frequency with which they are ignored.

?If you don?t want to play with cheats or jerks, you shouldn?t have to. Our new reputation model helps expose people that aren?t fun to be around and creates real consequences for trouble-makers that harass our good players,? said Dunn.

?The new model will take all of the feedback from a player?s online flow, put it in the system with a crazy algorithm we created and validated with an MSR PhD to make sure things are fair for everyone.?

A user?s score will determine which of three categories they fall into. Green is a good player, yellow is for those who need improvement, and red are to be avoided. Players will be warned if they are in danger of slipping from green status.

?Looking at someone?s gamer card you?ll be able to quickly see their reputation. And, your reputation score is ultimately up to you,? Dunn adds. ?The algorithm is looking to identify players that are repeatedly disruptive on Xbox Live. We?ll identify those players with a lower reputation score and in the worse cases they will earn the ?Avoid Me? reputation.

?The algorithm is sophisticated and won?t penalize you for a few bad reports,? he stressed. ?Even good players might receive a few player feedback reports each month and that is OK. The algorithm weighs the data collected so if a dozen people suddenly reporting a single user, the system will look at a variety of factors before docking their reputation.?



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