Saturday, May 21, 2011

Microsoft + Skype?Internet will change | IT Rumor

Last week, Microsoft announced to spend 8.5 billion dollars to acquire Skype. According to the agreement, Skype will be support all Microsoft products including Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone and other Microsoft products. Microsoft will provide Lync, Outlook, Xbox Live, and other community connection service to Skype users.

Most former Microsoft acquisitions have failed, how about this one? I am positive about this acquisition. I believe that this acquisition will be a win-win cooperation. Microsoft?s acquisition of Skype will greatly enhance the audio and video communications in real-time ability to create significant new business and revenue opportunities. Skype will also be extended while the influence of world-class brand, expanding the coverage of Microsoft?s platform in the network, and enhance Microsoft?s existing real-time communications products and services. And this is also fundamental to avoid falling into Microsoft?s rival Google Skype hands.

Skype in 2010, already have 1.7 million active users were 207 billion minutes of video call friends and family in the communication and business partners worldwide to provide a variety of meaningful connection. The author is a loyal Skype user on the Internet using Skype or foreign students and foreign friends to talk to, communicate feelings, is very convenient. Now we generally use Windows-based computer, use Outlook e-mail, to communicate with MSN, with Bing search. In the future, call charges are very low, Skype call quality is excellent also be integrated into the tools we use every day, we can use the Skype conference call at any time, and sent e-mail friends, clients communicate directly, Using Skype + Bing voice search. In the near future, Skype can certainly be very convenient to all of our daily communication habits to bring more value-added experience.

In addition, Skype as the world?s largest Internet phone provider, also enables the ability of Microsoft?s existing communications products greatly enhanced. There is no doubt that Microsoft will definitely Skype products into Windows Phone system, let Windows Phone users to experience the new network call service, which will significantly change our way of communicating with the world. Now, in most places, we are able to access the Internet, think about the future we use the Windows Phone access to the Internet, as long as a little cheap calls, we can with the other side of the field and even friends or family members is very clear voice or video calls, but are not limited form of mobile phone handsets, mobile phone on the PC, even on the Xbox and other equipment, can easily make a call. Boy, it was just too people drooling thing, ah, then, as long as the staff of a Windows Phone, we also need China Mobile, China Unicom it? And previously, Microsoft and Nokia to a strategic cooperation and common development under the Windows Mobile platform, mobile phones, but there are rumors that Microsoft?s recent acquisition of Nokia?s handset business to be. Later, with Microsoft + Skype + Nokia, do we still need iphone5?

Skype by millions of people love the world. The marriage of Microsoft and Skype, instant messaging will work together to build a better future. No matter which corner of the world, we are relaxed and the family, friends, customers and colleagues to get in touch. Even Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer have admitted, Skype is very special location, just social networking, mobile communications and video conferencing connection point of three trends. From the strategic point of view the development of the Internet, Microsoft is in need of social networking, mobile communications and video conferencing these three priority areas, restructuring rivers and mountains, against Google, Facebook and other Internet giants. The arrival of Skype, but also to Microsoft to catch the take off, so that Microsoft can go higher.


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