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Pets Resources | Larger Birds Might Send the Orioles Away

May 21, 2011 By: Category: Birds

The construction of oriole bird feeders and humming bird feeders are closely similar. Majority of the oriole bird feeders and humming bird feeders that you will see are very much alike in design. The content is actually nectar instead of bird seeds. You might be wondering why every oriole bird feeder you see is orange in color and there is a reason for this. They say the color orange resembles the fruit so it is enticing for orioles. With that, several bird feeder owners normally put halved orange fruits on the feeder so that the orioles and humming birds will identify the feeder as the place to get their food. In the event that oranges cannot be provided, grape jellies or berries are also good for oriole bird feeders. Around this time, you may first buy bottled nectars from the retailers or you can make your own blend with sugar and water. However, unlike humming birds, orioles need to have a bigger perching area in their feeding station. That explains the circular shape of the oriole bird feeders or their wide flat surfaces at the bottom which is to give birds wider areas for rest as they feed. Meanwhile, humming birds can dance around the feeder as they pick some sweet nectars.

See to it that you pick an elevated spot for your feeders. Rather than eating on the ground, you will frequently see these wonderful birds on treetops. Choose the area near fruit trees for the orioles to see them faster. You will sometimes not get the best spot for the feeder at once so feel free to move the feeders around until you hit the right area. You may find success by putting it under sunlight or it can be adorned with silver coins near the feeder. A bird bath may also be attractive for birds. Orioles are very attractive birds to look at. Male orioles sport bright yellow or brilliant orange feathers on their bodies. A favorite hobby of the birds is to sing and the whistling is better appreciated up close.

It is not a big deal if your oriole feeders have lesser area compared to the other ordinary feeders. Available are some bird feeders that also serve as bird containers such that they can house a greater number of bird seeds for the wild birds. The last thing you need is for the huge birds to occupy your oriole feeders and shoo the small orioles and humming birds away. It is important to have bird feeders to balance the ecological system of the birds. This means you give them an alternative source of feeds when the place is not a natural source of rich food supply. This is your way of making sure they are properly geared for the long flight they are to take for the day. To cut it short, oriole bird feeders give recharges the nutrients of these tiny birds. Their next flight may be so soon, but their song of appreciation will definitely linger. So go and have a bird feeder now if you still do not have one and enjoy the benefits that come with it.


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