Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama at AIPAC (Powerlineblog.com)


President Obama just completed his address to the annual AIPAC policy
conference in Washington. I'll post a link to the text here in this post as
soon as it's available. For the moment, I'm pasting in the text itself below
after Obama's preliminary remarks:

> Now, I'm not here to subject you to a long policy speech. I gave one on
Thursday in which I said that the United States sees the historic changes
sweeping the Middle East and North Africa as a moment of great challenge, but
also a moment of opportunity for greater peace and security for the entire
region, including the State of Israel.

On Friday, I was joined at the White House by Prime Minister Netanyahu, and we
reaffirmed that fundamental truth that has guided our presidents and prime
ministers for more than 60 years--that, even while we may at times disagree,
as friends sometimes will, the bonds between the United States and Israel are
unbreakable, and the commitment of the United States to the security of Israel
is ironclad.

A strong and secure Israel is in the national security interest of United
States not simply because we share strategic interests, although ...
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