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Using Video Marketing To Promote Your Company Online

Article by Gabriel Adams

Nothing has changed the advertising industry more than the popular usage of the internet. If you start a business now, your marketing methods will be vastly different than if you had started a business 15 years ago. One way you can take advantage of modern technology to promote your business is to use video marketing. There are many ways that you can do so. Most of the time it only takes a cheap camera and a PC, and maybe a little bit of video editing skills. Read on to find out some options, and you can start marketing your company through video.

An introductory video is a great way to give people information about your company. You can create a concise video outlining the key services or products you offer, and why your company is the best one to choose. You can place this video on your site, so that new visitors can simply hit the ?play? button and become acquainted with your business. If you decide to do this, you should have at least semi-professional quality, and a dense flow of information so that you don?t deter viewers from watching the entire thing.

One trend in video marketing is the creation of ?viral? videos ? videos that are so entertaining, bizarre, or funny that people will show their friends. If done correctly, the video will spread like wildfire across the internet, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, without costing you a cent in advertising or hosting costs. In many viral marketing campaigns, the sheer strangeness of the video compels people to spread it, such as game publisher Ubisoft?s ?screaming rabbit? videos which reached massive popularity on the internet.

One important lesson in viral marketing is to acknowledge that your company is responsible for the video. Wal-Mart and Sony learned this the hard way ? both of them attempted to create seemingly independent viral campaigns, only to have their plot quickly foiled by internet sleuths. So come up with a good, viral idea, and let your company take full responsibility for it. It?s sure to save you a lot of embarrassment.

If you don?t have the resources to make a video on your own, then you could hire a video marketing company to produce one for you. Usually they?ll offer professional quality videos with skilled editors working behind the scenes. You can submit a script or narrative and have it read. If this type of thing is within your budget, then it is highly recommended since your video will be in the hands of people who produce marketing videos for a living.

Technology has given us a wealth of new opportunities, and the businesses that take advantage of this are the ones that will succeed. So if you?ve got a company that you would like to promote on the internet, look into using video marketing. If used properly, you can produce clever videos for your company that will capture the attention of customers, and bring people in from all corners of the internet.

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