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Top 5 ways to blow the whistle

CDMA Monitoring System / Your cell phone call can be heard !

CDMA Monitoring System

The Cellular Monitoring CDMA Intercept will monitor, record, and play back intercepted conversations from a CDMA cellular phone network. Our CDMA Cellular Monitor or Cellular Interceptor is designed for law enforcement and government agencies to monitor and store intercepted cellular phone conversations of possible criminals, insurgents, terrorists, and those who commit espionage.

Cellular interceptors such as our Cellular Monitoring CDMA Intercept also functions as an SMS Intercept, able to capture SMS (short message service) data. This CDMA Intercept is a passive system, meaning no signal is transmitted from the cellular monitoring system.

In addition, the CDMA Intercept has no effect on cellular communication between the cellular phone handset and the cellular service provider. Because our CDMA Cellular Interceptors operate on a passive level, the cell phone network receives no electromagnetic interference. This cellular intercept system operates by automatically detecting the strongest signal in a CDMA service area. Working as a mobile phone intercept on global CDMA networks, the CDMA Cellular Monitor also intercepts control channels and both sides of a conversation through traffic channels.

For more information on the Cellular Monitoring CDMA Intercept, Click Here to request access to technical data and research material.

For a system overview on cellular monitoring technology, you may review the descriptions found here at For additional information, you may also visit to learn about Cellular Monitoring Adaptability, Tactical Mobility, Wiretap Warrant Execution, and Passive Cellular Monitoring solutions, or you may Click here to Register for customized inquiries and quotations.

ERIC CANTOR / Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in the United States Congress.

As of December 2010, Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in the United States Congress.[2][11][20]
Cantor stated that a ?stronger U.S.-Israel relationship? remains a top priority for him and that he would be ?very outspoken? if Obama "did anything to undermine those ties."[11][24] He supports strong United States-Israel relations.[2][6]
In October 2008, Cantor advocated and voted for the TARP program which aided distressed banks.[29 ]
Shortly after the 2010 midterm elections, Cantor met privately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, just before Netanyahu was to meet with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to Cantor's office, he "stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the Administration" and "made clear that the Republican majority understands the special relationship between Israel and the United States."[25]

Campaign office incident

After the passage of the health care reform bill in March 2010, Cantor reported that somebody had shot a bullet through a window of his campaign office in Richmond, Virginia. A spokesman for the Richmond Police later stated that the bullet was not intentionally fired at Cantor's office, saying that it was instead random gunfire, as there were no signs outside the office identifying the office as being Cantor's.[16] A preliminary investigation indicated that the bullet was fired into the air and hit the office window going down. The bullet landed within a foot of the window.[17] Cantor responded to this by saying that Democratic leaders in the House should stop "dangerously fanning the flames" by blaming Republicans for threats against House Democrats who voted for the health care legislation.[18]

He voted against raising the minimum wage to US$ 7.25 in 2007.

Cantor also reported that he had received threatening e-mails related to the passage of the bill, but he declined to hand over copies of the e-mails, saying that doing so would encourage similar activity.[19]

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the largest federation of trade unions in the United States, rates Cantor 0%, indicating an anti-Union voting record.


True statement: concerning ."AVCA" listed on nasdaq, DIVERSICARE and nursing homes in my area

To ParkView Care Center owned or run by Diversicare management services home office located in Tennessee.
Neglect and abuse was present at the time i had my elderly father admitted as a resident in the Park view care center nursing home located in Paris Texas.
"Just imagine", if you where sick with some thing and you continued to get worse as the days went by how long would you stick it out before you went to see the doctor 2 days , 3days, 4days, 5 days , . The first month my elderly father was a resident in ParkView Care Center owned or run by [Diversicare management Services home office located in Tennessee] he went 23 days before one of the day nurse's decide he needed to be taken to the hospital.
I had been harping to nurse's about my elderly fathers condition every day before he was sent to hospital by ambulance[ I WAS IGNORED] .
To make a true and factual statement about 3 of the nursing homes i had my elderly father in ,i noticed one thing in common with all of the three nursing homes . The staff are friendly to family members when they are on the sight of the nursing home. If a family member makes a special effort like being at the nursing home every day 7 days a week for extended periods of time. The staff and the employees become paranoid about your presents, reason they get paranoid is they become lax and complacent in their duties and tend to set around and do nothing when ever they get the chance.

The following statement happened to me at ParkView Care Center located in Paris Texas. I had a female nurse make special effort to confront me for about three days in a row when i walked into to check on my elderly father, this nurse would walk up to me as i entered the ParkView Care Center nursing home and she ask me --(DONT YOU HAVE A JOB YOU NEED TO GO TOO ) this nurse was i assume trying to intimidate me i guess .
I was offended by this statement but said nothing at the time . The red headed female nurse did this the following 2 days as i went to visit my elderly father.
This kinda of behavior leads me to think that they [ OF COURSE I'M SURE THEY WOULDN'T ADMIT TO THIS THOUGH ] ' where trying to get me to stop my regular visits. [ GOD FOR BID I WOULDN'T WON'T TO INTERFERE WITH THE FOLKS CHAIR AND RELAXATION TIME, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. ]
I myself have seen bed alarms at PARK VIEW CARE CENTER NURSING HOME go off beeping for 2 to 3 hours at a time from the elderly residence rooms ,which needed a nurse to check on them .The third shift was the worse! On regular occasion's the residence bed alarms would be ignored by the nurse's at the nurse's station for periods from 1hour up to 3 hours at a time. [ Good God where is the compassion , these people should be ashamed of their selves.] ,One night i was up late with my elderly father watching television in the front of the building .
I heard the night nurse scream at the top of her voice at one of the elderly female residence's. The night nurse jumped up from her chair [ setting down imagine that ] and trotted from behind the nurse's station the whole time screaming at the top of her voice at the elderly woman , as the nurse got close enough to the chair which the elderly woman set in , the nurse grabbed both arms of the elderly residents chair and the nurse placed her face about 2 inches from the elderly resident face screaming as loud as she could at the elderly resident, for spitting on the floor. The poor old lady had Parkinson's .
The elderly woman didn't realize where she was, the elderly lady was handicapped. The night nurse must have lost her mind . [scared the holy hell out of the old lady]. The nurse did not know i was up front with my elderly father watching television late in the evening when this event happened. Once the night nurse noticed me watching what she was doing , she quickly walked back to her chair behind her official nurse's station. The night nurse scared the old lady so bad the elderly woman did not say anything verbally out loud to anyone the whole time that i noticed while i was visiting at this nursing home and i was there 7 days a week 5 to 8 hours a day.

One thing i will not forget is the bed alarms which go off at night from the elderly residents rooms . The nurse's on the night shift set at the nurse's station and ignore the loud beeping alarms and the flashing lights. [good god this is pitiful] this was a regular thing on the late shift for the most part .
The most upsetting thing i happen to witness once was an elderly resident go code blue [ stop breathing ] one night . The young nurse on duty ran from the room to the phone to call the doctor on the phone [she said the doctor would not answer the page] then she gave up on trying to reach the doctor she then called her head nurse at home [this all happened about 9:45pm at night] .
Mean while the elderly resident has gone with out breathing for about 9 or 10 minutes at this point, the head nurse told the young nurse on duty to call 911 and get the EMS guys to try to revive him . She then called 911 the EMS guys took about 6 minutes to arrive . Point of this story is the elderly man coded blue and went about 14 too 15 minutes with out any attempt to revive him ,while i stood watching all this [I thought to myself good god is this the way you do things] 14 too 15 minutes is way too dam long to let an elderly person go before you attempt to revive him.
[ This code blue happened at LEGENDS NURSING HOME in Paris Texas ]. The things which go on in nursing homes is ungodly i could write a small book but i will keep the rest of this to my self for now.

I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THIS TO ANYONE READING THIS, IF YOU HAVE FAMILY THAT YOU TRULY LOVE AND ARE CONCERNED ABOUT ,"DO NOT" FULLY TRUST STRANGERS TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVED ONES . One last note PARK VIEW CARE CENTER IN Paris Texas should be closed down . One more thing if your loved one dies while in the care of the Park view care center be prepared for a complete change in the way the staff at this facility talk with you and treat you if you return to discuss pro rated billing [ which means they try to stiff you with back dated charges] or to visit other residents at this nursing home .
The staff becomes real real paranoid and unfriendly . I even had the janitor walk up to me and with a condescending smile get in my face and he said [ don't make me have to throw you out of here] ""WHAT A DUM ASS THIS GUY WAS"".
I was always polite with all employees at this nursing home in fear that my elderly father might be treated badly in retaliation if i had made someone mad. I will post more about the Paris Texas Nursing homes in my area in coming articles . I WRITE THESE ARTICLES FROM MY EYE WITNESS FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ELDERLY AND THE HANDICAPPED PEOPLE, WHO NEED ALL THE HELP THEY CAN GET BECAUSE THE ELDERLY FOR THE MOST PART ARE HELPLESS AND NEED THE YOUNGER PEOPLE TO GET THERE ASS IN GEAR AND HELP OUT NOT LOOK FOR A EASY WAY OUT .



The following information is public information published on the internet concerning


William R. Council, IIIPresident and Chief Executive Officer

L. Glynn Riddle, Jr.Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Raymond L. Tyler, Jr.Senior Vice President of Nursing Home Operations


The Company cannot predict the likelihood, scope or outcome of any such investigations on its facilities. On August 5, 2002, the Company was served in a lawsuit filed by the State of Arkansas styled Arkansas v. Diversicare Leasing Corp. d/b/a Eureka Springs Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, et. al., case number 02-6822 in the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas. The allegations against the Company include violations of the Arkansas Abuse of Adults Act and violation of the Arkansas Medicaid False Claims Act with respect to a resident of the Eureka Springs facility. This action is scheduled for trial on September 13, 2004. On February 18, 2004, the Company was served in six additional lawsuits filed by the State of Arkansas in the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas. The six lawsuits involve fifteen patients at five nursing homes operated by the Company in Arkansas and also allege violations of the Arkansas Abuse of Adults Act and the Arkansas Medicaid False Claims Act. The six complaints, in the aggregate, seek actual damages totaling approximately $250,000 and fines and penalties in excess of $45 million. No trial date has been set in these six actions. However, the Company cannot currently predict with certainty the ultimate impact of the above cases on the Company?s financial condition, cash flows or results of operations. The Company intends to vigorously defend itself against the allegations in all of these lawsuits.


DON'T BE SURPRISED IF THE STAFF AT PARKVIEW CARE CENTER WILL NOT GIVE YOU THE PHONE NUMBERS OF DIVERSICARE, OR ADVOCAT INC. CORPORATE OFFICE , THEY REFUSED TO GIVE THEM TO ME AFTER MY FATHER DIED . CONTACT ME AT WALTIP@GMAIL.COM with information as how your loved ones were treated while in the care of nursing homes in the Paris ,Texas, area, I will gladly post your comments on this site.

DIVERSICARE 1621 Galleria Blvd Brentwood, TN 37027(615) 771-7575 Map

Advocat Inc.1621 Galleria BoulevardBrentwood, TN 37027United States - Map Phone: 615-771-7575 Fax: 615-771-7409


Mr. William R. Council III, 47Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Exec. Director ---Mr. L. Glynn Riddle Jr., 49Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer, Exec. VP and Sec. ---

Mr. Raymond L. Tyler Jr., 58Sr. VP of Nursing Home Operations --- Mr. Richard M. Brame , 55Director, Chairman of Compensation Committee, Member of Audit Committee and Chief Financial Officer of Covington Sr. Living LLC ---

Mr. Chad A. McCurdy , 40Director, Member of Audit Committee, Member of Nominating & Corp. Governance Committee and Managing Partner of Marlin Capital Partners LLC .

While you are counting your money , think about how you really operate your business, I have seen how you operate one of your facilities first hand. I believe you are heart less souls and you should have compassion. But im sure you will laugh at this article and giggle your way to the bank .


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