Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence, adorably goofy super-fan


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Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar this year for lead actress in "Silver Linings Playbook," but there are times when we wish we could give her a special award for just being herself.

Take her recent geek out while appearing at a Comic-Con red-carpet event with Jeff Bridges. She rushed gushing over to the fellow Academy Award winner and seemed ready to take the microphone from the E! reporter and do the interview herself. It's just another instance of the gregariousness that makes her one of the most accessible Hollywood stars, a trait that doesn't seem to be waning as she becomes more famous.

Bridges was not her first celeb geek-out. Post Oscars, she caught Jack Nicholson's attention. The legendary actor crashed her on-camera interview and he flirted with her as she gracefully pulled herself together after freaking out a little bit like a fan girl. But here are a few more instances of why J. Law is "America's spirit animal," and we love her for it:

Four flubs, four minutes: Her L.A. Film Awards speech

Classily passing off her Oscars stumble

Teasing one of Hollywood's most powerful executives

And who could forget her Oscar red-carpet admiration for another great man, Al Roker: Just a few hours before winning her award in January, she told CNN's Piers Morgan that the person she was most looking forward to seeing was Roker, since she watched him every morning before school on TODAY.

The line may be, "Celebrities, they're just like us," but perhaps it's time to change that to, "Jennifer Lawrence, we want to be just like her."


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