Monday, July 11, 2011

Antique Flooring Today

Today many people add antique flooring to their homes. For some it is merely for the aesthetic value added to the home. Others feel that it is a form of recycling that shouldn?t be neglected. It isn?t just wooden floors that people reuse. Many new homes are utilizing the tile or stone flooring from buildings built long ago.

Wood is the Popular Choice

If you decide to go with antique wooden floors then you may end up spending a pretty penny. This is particularly true if you run off to the nearest store specializing in antique flooring. You will likely end up paying far more than you would spend on anything at the local building warehouse. However, the selection of antique flooring is impressive and the quality is often far superior. For the those with the most demanding taste, antique wood is the only option.

Luckily, the cost can be curtailed if you are willing to check out a salvage shop. If you can?t find a shop that deals with salvaged hardwood floors near you then you can probably find one online. If you are willing to finish your antique flooring on your own then you can save a huge sum of money.

Local classifieds offer another potential money saver. You might be lucky enough to find that a local building is going to be demolished. Many times, prior to demolition, the interior of the building is put up for sale. If you can pry it out, then you can buy it! You might also find an ad for someone?s old flooring. Most people that choose to replace their old floor have the good sense to sell the old flooring.

It is good to know the size of the rooms you plan on adding flooring to. Many times you will find the perfect antique flooring at a great price only to find that there isn?t enough to complete your project. This is the nature of a scarce product like antique flooring. Luckily you might be able to change the layout of your room and even mix flooring materials in an attractive way.

Antique Tile is Another Great Option

If you aren?t in the market for wood antique flooring then perhaps antique tile will look good in your home. Tiles are durable and last for decades and even centuries. Many great palaces use tiles salvaged from ancient buildings.

If you are looking for antique tiles and don?t have Roman ruins next door to pillage then your best bet is the internet. There are many online dealers that have a large supply of tiles for you to choose from. Most of these tiles will be quality Victorian tiles.

The encaustic tiles used in many Victorian buildings are extremely durable and readily available. Often times these solid tiles are used to make attractive patterns on the floor. Many people choose to mix encaustic tiles with modern tiles to form a unique floor.

There is plenty of information about antiques on the internet. For more information take a look at this website on antique flooring.


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