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Finding that perfect person can be tough and for this reason many people have decided to cast a wider net and look for love on one or more of the many thousands of online dating sites that have sprung up over the years. There is a site for pretty much any type of relationship a person could want. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time with online dating. They run into problems finding finding people they are compatible with or getting people to view and reply to their profiles. These problems usually stem from a poorly written or thought-out profile. That is where this article comes in, I will be providing several tips that can be used to weed out the incompatible people and get replies and views from the people you actually want.

OK, so the first piece of online dating profile advice I have for you will sound pretty simple: Know what you want! Most people do not give much thought to their desires or think that they will settle for anyone that the dating site will provide, which is not true as they find out very quickly into the dating process. The other problem is that not knowing what you want is that you will end up with a very short or generic profile that will not generate much interest and will not weed out the undesirables. Sit down before you sign up for any sites and come up with your wishlist, there is no need to be afraid of being picky, there are millions of singles looking online so you will find someone. If you prefer a non-smoker then list that requirement and the sites will only provide you with non-smokers.

The next piece of online dating profile advice is to be honest. Again, it seems pretty simple, but many people like to pad their profiles with lies to try and attract people. The problem here is pretty obvious: eventually you will find someone you want to meet and they will find out that you were lying, which means that you could lose someone you are very much interested very quickly.

The next piece of online dating profile advice I have for you is to make your profile unique. A lot of people will copy and paste generic profiles. Most online daters will simply glance at these profiles and move on. You will want to fill you online profile with information unique to you. Talk about your interests and pets (if you have any). The goal here is to provide enough interesting information to get someone to stay on your profile long enough to read the whole thing.

The final piece of online dating profile advice is to have a complete profile. Do not skip any categories or boxes. People like to get as much information as they can about you before contacting you, it gives them more icebreakers and topics for continued conversation, becuase they will be going back to your profile throughout the conversation if they are interested so they can keep the conversation going. Also, a complete profile does include a picture, it is common for people to search for profiles that only have pictures. And guys, just because you are in shape does not mean you need to post a picture of yourself without your shirt, most women on dating sites will be immediately turned off by that (unless you are on a site focused on no strings attached relationships). Finally, avoid the bathroom mirror picture, try to use another picture of yourself, and if you don?t have one handy, just ask a friend or family member to take a picture for you.

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