Monday, July 18, 2011

Stay Solvent With A $50K Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loan ...

If the need is great and genuine, the leading question becomes how do folks go about securing a $50K unsecured personal bad credit loan. In spite of having poor credit, people still need a cash infusion from time to time. Applicants in search of such loans should not feel too great a despair. Eventually a lender will be found who will assist. The approach is what is important.

Diligent Research and Diligent Shopping

Lenders who will grant a $50K unsecured bad credit personal loan may be rather scarce. Lenders are willing, they just need to be sought out. However, alternatives to a lump sum $50K loan exist as well. Here are some strategies that could very well land you the $50K unsecured bad credit loan that you need to smooth out the significant bumps in your financial road.

Heard It Through the Grapevine

One good venue to pursue would be to visit online personal finance forums. Through word of mouth you may be able to find websites that offer large loans. Also, you will be privy to any comments other borrowers may have had with a particular lender. You will will be able to pick up tips and learn about pitfalls other users have experienced. You will find many blogs devoted to personal finance and personal lending on the Web. You may want to check the peer-to-peer networks or borrower clubs that have sprung up within the last few years due to the increase in social networking.

Touch Base with Traditional Lenders

As one of your first steps, go ahead and approach traditional lenders such as banks or credit unions. If you are employed with a company that has ties to a credit union, certainly seek out that resource. You should try to speak with loan officers to discuss your financial requirements. Even if you do not get a loan, you will at least gain some insight as to how prospective lenders see you financially and how you might approach other traditional lenders in the future.

Consider More Than One Loan

Though this is not recommended, you might want to shop around to different lenders until you are able to amass the amount you need from multiple small loans. You better have a good repayment strategy. You will have a number of loans coming due at different times of the month and each will have a different amount due. Be aware that you will be faced with very hefty interest rates, especially if you have poor credit. Once you have gotten the loans to meet the amount you need, your next objective should be to get loan consolidation financing to pull the various loans into one creditor.

Find a Cosigner

Though this is sometimes the toughest loan to ask for, you might want to consider approaching a family member or friend who may be in a position to help you. They should have a better credit rating than you do and be well-employed. You must have a good repayment strategy for these folks for obvious reasons. If you default, the loan becomes their property.

Be Persistent

Persistence is the key word when seeking our a real $50K unsecured bad credit personal loan. Flip every stone, turn over every leaf. You will find a lender that will accommodate you. Just be sure you have a solid repayment strategy.

Hilary Bowman is the author of this article. She works successfully as a financial advisor with years of expertise on Unsecured Loans. Hilary publishes informative articles about loans for bad credit and other financial topics at


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