Friday, July 12, 2013

Google Won't Delist a Site If It Goes Down for a Few Hours, Matt Cutts Explains in Video

One of the many things webmasters worry about is the stability of their host, especially since it's mostly out of their hands. Sites can and do go down for various reasons.

It may be a problem with the hosting service, it may be a surge in usage, it may be a DDoS attack, an update went wrong, and so on.

Apart from the obvious problem of having a non-working website, webmasters are also worried that Google and other search engines may penalize the site or even remove it from the rankings altogether if the Google bot can't find a working website when it comes crawling.

Thankfully, the Mountain View-based company is smarter than that and will not penalize a site if it goes down for an hour or two, even for a full day. But if the site still hasn't come back after 48 hours, Google decides there is a problem and may remove it from its results, at least temporarily.


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